Hunter's Journal

Carries the eggs of its young inside its belly. Can hatch and birth its young as needed to deal with intruders.
Shamelessly uses its own young as a weapon against its foes! Appalling, yes, but I do admire its resourcefulness. Good hunters do not always make good parents.

Behaviour and Tactics

Births Aspid Hatchlings one at a time, up to a max of four at any given time, and spawns two more upon death.

The primary danger here is that it spawns Aspid Hatchlings. Keep an eye on the hatchlings and strike the mother either when there is an opening, or once the hatchlings have been dealt with.




On the official website, it is referred to as Bulbous Hummingnit (Female):

"The female of this species is just as aggressive as the male. Appallingly, it uses its own young as a defensive measure against intruders."

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