Bardoon is a massive caterpillar NPC found sleeping in Kingdom's Edge. He is incredibly long; his body can be seen in the background twisting through the cliff face. His tail is found to the southeast of his head; hitting it will make him chuckle. Upon visiting him, he will tell The Knight that he does not mind them striking his tail.

Bardoon notes that he is not a Wyrm, for he is too small and has too many limbs.

He climbed up to the top of Kingdom’s Edge to get away from bugs plagued by the Infection. Bardoon explains that he resists the light’s allure; it offers unity but also reduces a bug to instinct alone.



First encounter

Ohrm... Tiny thing. You climb high. Seek then knowledge of these lands?

This ashen place is grave of Wyrm. Once told, it came to die. But what is death for that ancient being? More transformation methinks.

This failed kingdom is product of the being spawned from that event.

Second conversation

This falling ash is moult. The Wyrm's corpse decaying. Endless. Rmm... Serene. Sad.

With its like gone, the world is smaller.

Third conversation

Don't mistake. I am not a wyrm... Ohrm... Too small, I am. Too many limbs. No foresight like those old things.

Fourth conversation

For quiet retreat did I climb up here, away from spitting creatures. Ormmph... Yes. High up. Away from simple minds, lost to light.

Theirs is a different kind of unity. Rejection of the Wyrm's attempt at order.

I resist the light's allure. Union it may offer, but also a mind bereft of thought... To instinct alone a bug is reduced...Hrrm...

After hitting his tail

Is it you bothering about my tail? Rest is somewhat disturbed, but I find that sensation not unpleasant..Ohr..Ohr...Ohrmm.

After obtaining the King's Brand

Tiny thing... Oh hmm... The mark of Wyrm you bear. Is it change you seek? Or to save this ruin?

That choice is yours. Always the smallest creatures that attempts the largest things.

After obtaining the Void Heart

Ohhhmmmm... Tiny thing... It evolves beyond that Wyrm. Such union in a single being. A strength before unseen. Would it too challenge nature? It could perhaps defeat it.

After exhausting all dialogue

Hmpph...Be on your way then? It's rest I'll return to, though in these times sleep oft proves uneasy.

Dream Nailed

One prefers its mind not be pried. Is rather unsettling. Rather invasive.