Benches are checkpoints throughout Hallownest that The Knight can sit on to perform several actions:

  • Respawn at the Bench after quitting the game or dying.
  • Replenish all health (including Lifeblood masks granted by Charms, but depleting all Lifeblood masks from Cocoons)
  • Equip and unequip Charms
  • Fill out the Map with places already explored (requires purchasing a Quill)
  • If Salubra's Blessing has been purchased, the player will slowly replenish SOUL
  • Respawn enemies that were defeated prior to sitting.
  • Respawn Lifeblood Cocoons

In some cases, Benches must be unlocked by paying a toll machine with Geo.

The player may purchase a Bench Pin from Iselda for Geo‍100, which reveals the locations of every Bench in the Area after that area's Map has been purchased.

Toll Bench Locations and Prices