• Minorex

    colosseum grid

    August 9, 2017 by Minorex

    trial of the warrior

    stage       #enemy types, #s      trigger  for next stage        environmental changes1shielded foolkill himnone22 shielded foolskill themnone32 sharp baldurskill themnone44 sharp baldurskill them5 platforms appear51 sturdy foolkill himplatforms dissapear62 sturdy foolskill themnone72 primal aspidskill them3 platforms appear82 sturdy foolskill a foolplatforms rearrange9+1 sturdy foolkill them allnone102 primal aspidskill oneplatforms rearrange into 3 rows of 4 ceiling lowers.111 sharp baldurkill onenone121 sharp baldurkill themnone134 vengeflieskill themplatforms rearrange to a single 2 piece platform141 vengefly king (can spawn vengeflies in sets of 2kill itnone152 sturdy foolskill onereturn to default colossuem161 sh…

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  • Zigmatism

    With a whopping 100% of votes, I have put all enemy health values on each page! Coming up next is spell and charm damage, once I figure out how to format that. Stay tuned!

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  • Zelmawiz

    XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX / Old / Sharpened / Channelled / Coiled / Pure


    Fury of the Fallen:

    Fragile Strength:


    Grubberfly Energy:




    Sharp Shadow:


    Thorns of Agony:

    Cyclone Slash:

    Dash Slash/Great Slash:

    XXXXXXXXXXXX / Desolate Dive / Howling Wraiths / Wraiths Total / Vengeful Spirit / Flukenest / Flukenest Total


    Shaman Stone:

    Shadow Version:


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  • Zigmatism

    Font Choice

    June 9, 2017 by Zigmatism

    Poll's over! Hope y'all like the new sans serif font!

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  • TheEmbracedOne

    As you may or may not know, Chadwal , founder of this wiki has been inactive since 5th April. I have left a message on his wall , asking if I could PM him because I wanted to talk to him about adopting the wiki, due to him being rather inactive even before the above date. I have received no reply since.

    Due to this, I am also unable to promote Zigmatism , a very active and regular contributor to admin status, leaving me with only one option, to adopt the wiki.

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  • AntiGravityMaster

    Hollow Knight is a 2D side-scrolling action adventure video game in the Metroidvania style. It was developed by Team Cherry and released for Microsoft Windows on 24 February 2017 and is also being developed for Mac, Linux and Nintendo Switch. Development was part funded through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, raising A$57,138 in December 2014.

    Players explore a large interconnected world using a variety of movement and combat techniques. In classic Metroidvania style, there are areas of the world that the player cannot access until they obtain particular items or abilities. Maps for each area must be bought from a shopkeeper generally hidden somewhere in that area, and the player can also buy upgrades that place markers on the map or al…

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  • TheEmbracedOne


    The Radiance is the original ruler of Hallownest, connecting the inhabitants with a hive mind until the Pale King showed up and banished it. Over time, the Radiance was forgotten by the bugs of Hallownest, only a few being able to remember it, such as the Seer.

    Vengeful over being forgotten, the Radiance infected the dreams of the residents of Hallownest, causing a terrible plague that made its victims stronger, but also drove them into a feral state, much like they used to be before the Pale King's arrival.

    The Pale King attempted to keep the Radiance sealed by creating constructs of the Void, known as Vessels or Hollow Knights, to contain the plague. After many failed experiments, he thought he had succeeded, but in time, the Hollow …

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  • TheEmbracedOne
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  • TheEmbracedOne

    Corpses in Ancient Basin

    Near fountain:

    ...Missing monarch, we need you now...

    ... Return to us...

    Near Simple Key:

    ... Mine....

    Near Palace Grounds:

    ... Where have you gone? ... Dear King...

    Corpses in City of Tears

    In Tower of Love, corpse in a jar:

    ... Wrong...

    In Pleasure House:

    ... Hide... (in a hidden corner)

    ... Tastes... Wrong... (near Rancid Egg)

    ... Hungry... (near Rancid Egg)

    ... Marissa...

    Corpses in Crystal Peak

    Corpses in Deepnest

    Near Willoh:

    ... Please... Not food ...

    Corpses in Fog Canyon

    Corpses in Forgotten Crossroads

    Near Dirtmouth entrance:

    ... Home...

    Corpses in Fungal Wastes

    ... Geo...

    Corpses in Greenpath

    ... Tired...

    Corpses in Howling Cliffs

    ... Strong...
    ... No king... No mind... Release....

    Corpses in Kingdom's Edge

    ... Champion? ...
    ... Can't.…

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  • Eradmis


    April 24, 2017 by Eradmis

    Amy was a renowned writer in Hallownest. She was murdered by her own sister, Amone Linsamouth. If you see Amone, give her a hug. She hates hugs.

    -Amy Linsamouth

    An explorer and an artist until the plague took his dreams. Stripped of his soul, he walked into the land above never to return.

    -Anders Ekermo

    He was the greatest warrior to never land the killing blow himself. Instead he sat by and let others enjoy the glory of victory. With so much time passed, no one remembers his name.

    -Assisting Knight

    Death unknown. First of his kind to enslave a Gantrus. Return possessions to this point if found.

    -Baron Robert Apples

    We are stripped of history and heritage. Become the chosen king to bring forth light.

    -Benjamin Flow

    A hero is someone that does more t…

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  • Zigmatism

    Update May 21 2017: She is complete! Head on over to Damage Values and Enemy Health to check it out!

    This page will be staying as a useful page of info for others.

    This link is to an autosplitter plus a mod program (Hollow Knight Info.exe) that allows you to, among other things, view enemy HP. When enabled, if a player damages an enemy, their Geo counter will change to reflect the current HP of said enemy for a few seconds. This means, to know enemy health, you must do 3 things:

    1. Damage an enemy without killing it (this will not update your Geo-health number)
    2. Take note of the number in the Geo counter
    3. Add that number to the Damage Value of the attack you used to damage the enemy (see Damage Values for more info)

    For example, say you have a basic …

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  • TheEmbracedOne

    blog post.

    April 13, 2017 by TheEmbracedOne

    I dont write blogs

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  • ChangheartGrossologist78

    I looked at the Enemy Sections and No eyes was not there. 

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  • KatkakePlushie

    I got my art teacher to look up this game. She liked the art style. Soon Hollow Knight will take over the world. Soon...

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  • KatkakePlushie

    The title says it all. Just hop in whenever.

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