Bosses are unique Enemies in Hollow Knight that typically have higher health or deal more damage than the standard enemies in the same area. The player may have to defeat a Boss to access a new Area, acquire an Item, complete a Quest, or simply further the main story of the game.

When the player encounters a Boss, the Boss' name will appear on-screen, and the music will change into a battle theme.


Broken Vessel Icon

Broken Vessel

Brooding Mawlek Icon

Brooding Mawlek

Crystal Guardian Icon

Crystal Guardian

Dung Defender Icon

Dung Defender

False Knight Icon

False Knight

Flukemarm Icon


God Tamer Icon

God Tamer

Gruz Mother Icon

Gruz Mother

Hollow Knight Icon

The Hollow Knight

Hornet Icon


Mantis Lords Icon

Mantis Lords

Nosk Icon


Soul Master Icon

Soul Master

The Collector Icon

The Collector

Radiance Icon

The Radiance

Traitor Lord Icon

Traitor Lord

Uumuu Icon


Watcher Knight Icon

Watcher Knight


Dream Warriors

Map Pin Warriors Grave

Lingering Ghosts of particularly strong bugs, Dream Warriors are a unique form of Boss in that the player can only challenge them once they have acquired the Dream Nail. Defeating a Dream Warrior rewards a large amount of Essence.

After acquiring the Dream Nail, the player may purchase the Warrior's Grave Pin from Iselda for Geo180, which reveals the location of the Dream Warrior in the area after that area's Map has been purchased.

Dream Nailing a Dream Warrior will automatically enter the fight and Dream Nailing them after winning the fight will automatically collect the essence without dialogue.

Elder Hu Icon

Elder Hu

by Donaly Lynch

in Fungal Wastes

Galien Icon


by Zachary Virden

in Deepnest

Gorb Icon


by Aladar Appony

in Howling Cliffs

Markoth Icon


by Samuel Dixon

in Kingdom's Edge

Marmu Icon


by Zara Pellen

in Queen's Gardens

No Eyes Icon

No Eyes

by Liza Kretzschmar

in Greenpath

Xero Icon


by Constant Pham

in Resting Grounds


Dream Boss Variants

Alternate versions of bosses that can be accessed by Dream-Nailing their corpse. More challenging than the original fight. Defeating these dream bosses awards a large sum of Essence.

Failed Champion

Lost Kin

Soul Tyrant

Additional Bosses

Hidden Dreams Content Hidden Dreams Icon

Grey Prince Zote Circle

Grey Prince Zote

White defender circle

White Defender


The Grimm Troupe Content Grimm Troupe Icon

Grimm Circle


NK Circle

Nightmare King


Lifeblood Content Lifeblood Icon

Hive knight icon

Hive Knight


  • Designing a Dream Warrior was a reward for a tier of backers during the game's Kickstarter campaign.
  • Dying at the same time as a boss dies will no longer lead to the boss being considered defeated, rather the player has to fight the boss again as it will be respawned.