Bretta is a beetle found in Fungal Wastes, sitting alone in the dark, muttering to herself. After talking to her, she'll head back to Dirtmouth, unlocking her house and a Mask Shard.

She can be found in her house sleeping among, or occasionally sitting on the Bench. She has a massive crush on The Knight for rescuing her, and should the Knight sit next to her for a while, she'll blush.

She has several drawings and dolls of the Knight in her house, along with a diary where she writes about her "rescuer". If the player chooses to save Zote and defeats him in the Colosseum of Fools, Zote will show up in Dirtmouth and Bretta will fall in love with him, after which her home will no longer have dolls and drawings of the Knight but will have one single painting of Zote instead.

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Hidden Dreams Content

In Hidden Dreams, if both Zote and Bretta are in Dirtmouth, a new room will open up in her room, leading to a statue of Zote, that, when Dream Nailed, transfers the Knight to a dream where they can fight Grey Prince Zote.
During The Grimm Troupe, if Grey Prince Zote has been defeated more than 4 times, she leaves without farewell according to Elderbug.


In Fungal Wastes

First Encounter
Ohhh... please... don't leave me behind!

You... forgot about me...?

I knew you would... everyone always forgets about me...

Oh?! Who are you?

Your face... you're so... so...

I-I'm sorry. I got lost, I don't know how I ended up here. I... you came here to rescue me, Bretta? The girl that everyone just... ignores?

Sorry, when I look at your face I can hardly... I just can't believe you came all the way down here to rescue me. I didn't think anybody...

Sorry... I mean, thank you. I'd better go. Back to town I mean. I'd better get home.

Th... thank you.

Diary Entries

First Diary Entry: The White Saviour
The maiden woke in darkness. Confused she reached out. Sharp brambles jabbed at all sides. Burning acid bubbled close below. What nightmare had led her here? What hope of survival remained?

Doomed she thought herself and to despair she fell, until a light bloomed far in the distance, a bright, glowing spot fast approaching. It swept majestic about the thorns, leapt above burning waters and dove towards the maiden.

Coming close, the form revealed at last, a beautiful being, sharp horns gleaming white. Arms reached out for the damsel, gathering her up, grip firm...


Second Diary Entry: The White Saviour Returns
Long had they remained apart and the village, once so warm, now grew cold. The maiden felt the well of grief. It gripped fierce about her lonely shell.

And suddenly, as though her tragic state was sensed, the saviour returned, standing tall, glowing bright. Below shining horns, eyes welled black, glistening, eyes only for the maiden long missed, long desired.

Her saviour leaned close, sat beside, perfectly composed. In that charged, breathless moment not a word needed be spoken. The maiden's shell felt suddenly tight. Her claws curled. No glance was shared, no claws touched, just perfect, aching love shared in silence, together...


Third Diary Entry: The White Saviour in Darkness
Troubled dreams beset the maiden. Her saviour gone, consumed below. Now her only companion the cold wind, moaning at her door. Her heart fluttered with sudden fear...

Then still. A sudden calm. Why? A presence. A figure close behind.

She doesn't dare look, doesn't dare move, fearful the slightest action would break the spell. She knew the presence at her bed, knew the calm only they could bring

Her white saviour, now protector, standing tall beside, powerful, perfect...

Fourth Diary Entry, if Zote arrived to Dirtmouth: The Grey Prince
Heaving heavy breaths, flush from the exertion of battle, the figure emerged from the well. Triumph was his and trophy he bore to prove it, the fearsome skull of his vanquished opponent.

Startling warning he brought to the village, one that rung so true: the white saviour, thought a hero by the bugs, was a vicious beast and this shrouded grey prince was in truth the hero deserved.

With honour and humility he recounted his quest below, his epic journey of one purpose, to find her, to protect her, his grey maiden, his partner in darkness...
Final Diary Entry, if Bretta has left: The Maiden's Quest

Her Grey Prince diminished and her White Saviour revealed as beast, the Maiden at last understood the truth.Her life's companion would not appear, for they could not appear to a maiden sat idle. She must instead seek them out, must find her love, and free them of their solitude.And thus her own journey began, out into dangerous lands, shielded by her love awaiting, guided by her love to be.With every step, the maiden could feel it, their fated meeting, coming ever closer. 

In Dirtmouth

Dream Nailed at bench
My saviour, so close...


Dream Nailed while sleeping in her house
White Wanderer...don't be shy....cold outside....bed is soft...


Dream Nailed while she's listening to Zote


...Shining figure...So bright...


Sometimes, I like to find a spot somewhere you can lie down and look up, and not see the roof of any caverns. The darkness is beautiful, and it goes on forever.

Hidden Dreams

Dream Nailed after Grey Prince Zote has been defeated 4 times
Grey Prince? Your words, are they... repeating?

Grey Prince? You seem... smaller? Were you always so tattered and stained...?



  • After Grey Prince Zote has been defeated more than 4 times, she leaves Dirtmouth never to be seen again.
  • Bretta is referred to earlier in the game's development as "Bertha"