A cicada who set out to Hallownest in order to become a true warrior, and sees The Knight as an inspiration. However, her cowardly nature often leads to her hiding underground in various areas, where the player can talk to her after clearing the place of enemies.



First Encounter - Fungal Wastes

Ah ha! The tiny steps of a tiny creature. You got the look of an adventurer, so we've much in common.

Searching for dangerous places aye? Well you're on the right track.

A long necked critter warned me of a tribe deeper down. Warrior sorts, so she says and I'm itching for some serious combat.

I wasn't hiding, you know. Just napping before I head off again.

Bound to be facing even more deadly beasts soon, so I gotta keep me strength up.

Keep sharp my adventurous friend. Stay alive and let's meet again on the road ahead.


Dream Nailed
Am I in over my head? Even these shroom creatures almost did me in and far nastier things await further down.

Curse me and my foolish bravado! If I could shed my pride, I'd be asking this tiny warrior for help.

Second Encounter - Deepnest

Greetings tiny creature. You got the look of an adventurer alright. I'd call myself the same but this dreadful place makes me feel inadequate.

This whole area swarms with deadly critters, biting, burning, scratching types. I'd thought to test my strength against them. Now that bravado has left me and all I feel is tired and sore.

I'm taking what brief rest I can, then I'm off in search of less terrifying challenge. This nest is no place to die.


Dream Nailed
Such bad luck. The critters about here are just terrifying. Those scuttling legs, those gnashing teeth.

Tis not the end I'd ever want to meet.

Third Encounter - Ancient Basin

My friend, you dealt with all of those beasts?

I'm ashamed to say... I was hiding. Those ghastly things chased me and I ran. If you hadn't come along, who knows if I'd ever have survived.

Others take me for a fearsome warrior, what with my impressive size, but this kingdom's beasts, I wonder if I'm just no match for them?...


Greeting if never talked before
Oh! Ahh. Such a tiny creature, yet you dealt with all of those beasts?

I wasn't hiding, if that's what you're thinking. Just waiting for the right moment to pounce!...No... I can't speak such a lie... I was hiding.

Those ghastly things chased me and I ran. If you hadn't come along, who knows if I'd ever have survived.

'Others take me for a fearsome warrior, what with my impressive size, but this kingdom's beasts, I wonder if I'm just no match for them?...


Talking again
Enough! I cannot wallow in my weakness. I must take strength from your example!

You act so confident in battle. You show no fear before your foes. I'll try my best to do the same.

I look forward to our next contact, tiny saviour. Then you'll meet a warrior with courage to match you own.

Dream Nailed (before talking)

I could only hide. What warrior am I? ...


Dream Nailed (after talking)
Such luck! This tiny one appears at just the right moment. And what masterful skill it shows!

As a warrior it sets powerful precedent. I'd do well to learn from its form.

Fourth Encounter - Queen's Gardens

Ahhh tiny warrior. Then, you too come to test yourself against that traitorous tribe?

A deadly bunch they are that roost within these glades. I'd once've stayed well clear of them, but your actions have shown me the truth of it. We must face down our fears or be defeated by them.

If we both make it through, we can swap stories of our adventures. I'd look forward to that!

Stay alive my friend. Whatever you seek in here, I'm sure that tribe won't look lightly on our intrusion.


Dream Nailed

It's time! I'll face that fear. Nola will be proud.

Final Encounter

If she dies during the fight with Traitor Lord
Well now that was something! A true battle of mighty warriors. So intense. So climactic. It's really everything I could have ever hoped for.

Thanks for all your help, my friend. For a tiny bug you set a valiant example. We'll meet again, I'm sure of it.

Be on my way soon. Nola is waiting and I'm done down here. Just savouring the moment a little longer.


If she does not aid against the Traitor Lord, in Dirtmouth

Ah! Tiny warrior. I'm glad I could see you again. You've inspired me! I'm about to head off in search of other places and other foes.

This quiet town's the perfect stop before I scale the cliffs and head out onto the plains.

I'll be off soon. It's a dangerous thing to trek the desolate sands beyond the kingdom. I'll need all my strength to survive them.

First though, a good rest is in order.


Dream Nailed
Nola, I'm coming. More challenging foes are out there, somewhere, but none in this ruin could take me to you...





Cloth Concept
  • Cloth was the first Backer NPC announced, designed by Noah Sturtridge. Backer NPCs were a reward tier on the Hollow Knight Kickstarter page:
    • "Cloth is a Cicada-type warrior to meet on your quest through the caverns. Just listen for his Cicada song and you’ll know he’s close. Cloth’s a friendly sort, though he’s having doubts about his combat prowess. As the Hollow Knight, you can help Cloth regain his morale and in doing so gain his assistance through some tough battles. Watch out though! Cloth isn’t invincible and without the two of you working together he may end up meeting a warrior’s demise.
    • Fun Fact: Cloth was originally called Burlap until we realised burlap, the material, doesn't exist in Hallownest so he underwent a name change. We’re still working with Noah to finalise Cloth so look forward to his exciting (possibly tragic) tale when you play the final game. "
  • Despite the above pitch, Cloth only aids the Knight during the battle with the Traitor Lord. If she is present during that battle, said battle will always end with the Lord impaling Cloth and the latter delivering the final blow, killing them both.
  • To trigger Cloth's appearance in the Traitor Lord fight, the player must save her in the Ancient Basin location prior to the fight. The player may talk to Cloth at all other locations with no effect on the quest ending. If cloth is present in the Queen's Garden location, then she will appear during the Traitor Lord fight.
  • Although pitched as male during the Kickstarter campaign, the official manual and developer notes denote Cloth as female.
  • There is always rumbling before Cloth pops out of the ground in any area; this is accompanied by the same sound effects as when the player stands on a breakable floor.
  • After Cloth is killed there is no immediate way to talk to her and she only reappears as a ghost once the player has left the area (presumably to talk to the White Lady) and returns.
  • If the Player decides to avoid talking to Cloth and kills the Traitor Lord without her. She will then remain as an NPC asleep in Dirtmouth.