Residents of Dirtmouth have long pondered on a mysterious stone door at the base of the peak beyond their graveyard. Suggestions were once made to forcibly open the door, but awful groaning from within kept the townsfolk at bay.

Found behind a locked door in Dirtmouth that requires a Simple Key to open.

In return for Rancid Eggs, Jiji offers a service to summon the Knight's Shade from wherever it spawned in the world. Upon summoning the Shade, it must still be defeated to restore the player's SOUL meter and lost Geo. This service is very useful if the Shade is in a difficult to reach area or has a lot of Geo on it.




First encounter

Welcome, small intruder. I've been sound asleep in here for some time...Some, time? Ah. Yes. Yes. Well now you've gone and woken me up. It's no matter, I suppose. I might even be able to help you.

I am Jiji, and if you have found your way into my chamber you must need my help.

You see, sometimes we leave our regrets behind in the world, like black stains.

If we don't deal with these regrets, hope starts to drain from us.

Do you have regrets of your own, little one? Let me peer into you for a moment...


Ah, hello again. How have you been faring? Have you come to me because of your regrets? Let me peer into you...

While Grimm Troupe is in Dirtmouth

Hmm. A fierce host has settled nearby. Did you summon them? I find their smell... unsettling. Theirs is a scent of distant places, unfamiliar even to me. They have a strange look to them, gaudy and intimidating. Perhaps you suspect that they hide their true appearance?

You'd be right. They favour projection over truth, shrouding themselves in forms dreamed. Best be careful. Assisting them might benefit you, but who knows what suffering it may cause?

Dream Nailed

How long I must have slept. This land is so much darker now, so thick with stains of regret.

Even the air is murkier. If I sleep again, will the darkness creep in here and swallow me whole?


Offering service

As a service, I can return your regrets to you, so they can be dealt with. You want that, yes? Ah, but I am very hungry. Perhaps you'd be willing to part with a little of your food? Sleep for as long as I have and you build up quite the appetite.

I can return your regrets to you, if you share your delicious food with me.

Having a Shade

Yes, I can see the regrets you've left behind...

  • Ancient Basin: A black stain hidden away in the darkness below us.
  • Fungal Wastes: A dark stain nestled amongst strange fungus and bubbling lakes.
  • Greenpath: A dark stain in a lush, green land.
  • The Abyss: Only faintly though... a black stain deep below the world, surrounded by darkness. Almost a part of it...
  • King's Pass: A dark stain nearby, right at the entrance to this kingdom.
  • The Hive: A dark stain surrounded by golden light, in a hive far away from here.
  • Ancestral Mound: A dark stain in an ancestral mound... a place of strange worships.
  • Fog Canyon: A dark stain lost in the fog of a strange land.
  • Kingdom's Edge: A dark stain far way at the very edge of the world.
  • Colosseum of Fools: A dark stain surrounded by warriors and fools.
  • Crystal Peak: A dark stain almost hidden by the glow of shimmering crystals around it.
  • Royal Waterways: A dark stain surrounded by pipes and running water. It can not be washed away, though...
  • Howling Cliffs: A dark stain high above us, surrounded by howling winds.
  • Queen's Gardens: A dark stain, marring a garden's beauty.
  • Deepnest: A dark stain, barely visible in the tunnels of a nest deep below this kingdom.
  • Forgotten Crossroads: A dark stain just below us, lost amongst the kingdom's twisting roads and highways.
  • City of Tears: A dark stain in the heart of the kingdom's capital. Rain can not wash it away.
  • Queen's Station: A dark stain sitting alone in the Queen's Station.
  • Resting Grounds: A dark stain in a holy place of repose.

Not having a Shade

Ah, you don't appear to have any lingering regrets. How lucky for you. You don't need the services of one such as I. You seem to be free of regret. Farewell.

Talking again

You seem to be free of regret. You do not need the services of one such as I. Farewell.


Mmmm... I will enjoy this morsel tremendously. Now, as promised, we will begin the ritual.


Oh? Well, if you have no desire to reconcile with your regrets, I can not help you.

Talking again after refusing

The food I like... it's soft and round and bursts delightfully in your mouth. The smell it emits... just thinking about is getting me excited. It truly is the most sumptuous thing in the world.

No Rancid Egg to offer

Hmm, but you don't have any food on you. At least nothing that interests me. I can't perform on an empty stomach, so please return once you've found something truly tasty... something nourishing.

After defeating Shade

Ah, you seem to have made peace with your regrets in a most novel, and dare I say brutal, fashion. What a joy to behold. Farewell for now. I will think of you as I savour my meal.

Talking again after ritual is completed

Farewell. I will think of you as I savour my meal.

When player is wearing the Void Heart

Ooohhhh. My masters would be impressed... Rare it is for one to come to terms with their regrets so completely, yet you seem to have managed it. What darkness must one wade through to achieve such a thing?