Hollow Knight contains remappable controls for both Keyboard and Controller. On the wiki, due to the multiple inputs and ability to remap said inputs, button/key prompts are referred to by their action rather than the name of the assigned button or key. This is a guide to the names of each input and their default mappings.

Note: Default mappings for the Nintendo Switch and any future consoles will be added upon release

Name Use
Nintendo Switch
JUMP Jumping, bouncing off walls with Mantis Claw, activating Monarch Wings in mid-air.
Keyboard White Z
360 A
ATTACK Attacking with the Nail, holding down to charge Nail Arts.
Keyboard White X
360 X
FOCUS/CAST Casting Spells, holding down to use Focus
Keyboard White A
360 B
DREAM NAIL Holding down to use Dream Nail
Keyboard White D
360 Y
QUICK CAST Casting Spells
Keyboard White E
360 RB
DASH Using Mothwing Cloak or Shade Cloak
Keyboard White C
360 RT
PAUSE Pausing the game to access menu options
Keyboard White Esc
360 Start Alt
INVENTORY Opening the Inventory, Map, Hunter's Journal, or Charms page
Keyboard White I
360 Back Alt
SUPER DASH Holding to use the Crystal Heart
Keyboard White S
360 LT
QUICK MAP Holding to view Area map, double-tapping to view full Map.
Keyboard White Tab
360 LB
LOOK UP/DOWN Holding to view the area above the player
Keyboard White Arrow Up
Keyboard White Arrow Down
360 Right Stick
UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT Movement, navigating the menu
Keyboard White Arrows
360 Left Stick
360 Dpad

All button images used under Creative Commons from Xelu on

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