Hunter's Journal

Heavyset miner of the Crystal Peak overcome by crystal growth. Can discharge blazing beams of light from its crystallised limbs.
How does the world look to this creature, gazing out from within its crystal prison? Does it see only light? Is that what drives it into a frenzy?


First Encounter

This is a difficult boss to defeat, mostly due to difficulty in finding a safe spot. The best strategy is to slash at the Guardian a few times and then get distance to avoid the beam from its arms. The beams from above have very little warning as to where they appear, and have relatively small gaps between them. As such, it's actually usually safer to simply walk to the open gaps rather than dash, as there is a risk of overshooting the safe zone and dashing into another beam.

  • Crystal Beam: Charges and shoots an energy beam from its arm in the direction of the player, with a noticeable downward angle.
  • Beam Strike: Calls down multiple energy beams from the sky that target several different spots on the ground.

Second Encounter

He appears in the room above the bench where he was first defeated. He has the same attacks as before, but is more aggressive, and his attacks deal two masks of health instead of one.

There are no safe spots in the boss room, but when standing on the far right of the room, most of the beams from above won't hit the player, so they only really have to watch for the Guardian's Crystal Beams. When he jumps close, he tends to shoot backwards so it is easy to land 3-5 hits each time.

Dream Nail Dialogue

First Encounter:

  • ...Tired... So long...
  • ...My light... My rest...
  • ...Shining... I am the light...

Second Encounter:

  • ...Die...Leave...Die...
  • ...Kill it...KILL IT...
  • ...Burn! I'm... burning!


  • The first time the Crystal Guardian is encountered, it's seen sitting on a Bench. It only engages in combat once attacked.
  • The Crystal Guardian's battle theme is the Crystal Peak theme with an added instrumental layer.
  • If the player dies during the second fight with the Crystal Guardian, their Shade will appear in the boss room, and they'll likely have to fight the Shade and the boss at the same time.
    • It is possible to draw the Shade out of the room and avoid getting locked in by staying close to the doorways and jumping to get within the Shade's engagement range or using Vengeful Spirit.
  • Along with Hornet, the Crystal Guardian is one of few bosses that is fought twice.

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