Remains of a bug who died amongst the crystals. Animated by a strange force, it attacks by firing beams of light from its crystallised arms.

The is some strange power hidden in the crystals that grow up there in the peaks. They gleam and glow in the darkness, a bright point of searing heat in each one. They sing too, if you listen. Very softly...


Behaviour and Tactics

Will run back and forth until disturbed. Upon seeing The Knight, they'll attempt to aim their beam at their location. Similarly to Crystal Crawlers and the Crystal Guardian, their beams start off as a thin and harmless giving the player a small frame to avoid it as it expands a second later, becoming dangerous and dealing damage.

Dash at them and hit them before they can fire their beam as hitting them interrupts their attack. From a distance, stay in the air or in other out-of-the-way spots as they aim their beam so that they will completely miss the Knight and leave an open path to them. By standing on a platform slightly below them or even sometimes right in front of them they will shoot almost straight into the ground, but this is probably a targeting glitch.

Dream Nail Dialogue
  • ...Dig... Kill... Wealth...
  • ...Crystal... Light...
  • ...Mind...Bright... Must find, more light...