Cut Content

Blundering Oberlisk

Blundering Oberlisk
A centipede-like charging creature removed from the game fairly late in development. It's Journal entry would've read This placid herbivore doesn't seem to wish harm on any of the creatures it shares a habitat with. However, its careless nature and bulky weight sometimes leads to messy accidents. "That millipede thing? Yeah, it never really had it's own area." -Ari Gibson

White Knight Duel

White Knight

"One of Hallownest's five greatest Knights and defender of the Queen’s Glade. She was driven mad by her Queen lost and the garden overrun. Still she retains her honour, offering fair challenge to the Hollow Knight: Nail against nail. A duel to the death. "

Unfortunately, the duel did not make it into the game, but the corpse of the White Knight can be found in front of the hiding place of the White Lady. This is most likely the Great Knight Dryya.


Tyrant's Fist

(Possibly an earlier version of Desolate Dive)

This ancient, royal magic allows you to focus energy into your fist and slam it down into the ground, releasing a shockwave that blows away foes and can even rupture the earth you stand on!


Additional movement option that did not make it into the game. Resembles the Dash ability but in the opposite direction and with a decreased distance.


Another movement option that allowed the player to swim under acid which was possibly scrapped for Isma's Tear. As well withing the game there is an unused room resembling the room which Unn can be found that has a layout designed for swimming through.


The Forest of Bones

(Possibly what ended up being Ancient Basin)

"The Bone Forest is further into the game than other areas we've shown so we don't want to spoil too much! But we will say it's a gigantic area of the game, with plenty of routes you can take through it and hidden secrets you can find if you brave the heat and the strange creatures who clad themselves in the bones of dead giants."

Early Screenshot 01

"Avoid the scorching waterfalls of burning tar in the Forest of Bones"

Early Screenshot 02

"Deep within the Forest of Bones waits the Holy Grounds, once a place of worship, now overtaken."

Hkforest of bones

"It may be expanded on in future, but all we can say for now is it shares some connection with the Pale Beings. -Ari Gibson"


Dream Diving

Hollow Knight Dream Nail trailer

Hollow Knight Dream Nail trailer

By the looks of it, originally the Dream Nail was able to open up the minds of NPCs and allow the player to enter their dreams:

"During your quest through Hallownest, you'll find an ancient, bizarre artefact called the Dream Nail. Using the Dream Nail, you can slice through the conscious layer of a being's mind and access the "Dream Well," a deep space containing a bug's hopes, fears and secrets. Terrible nightmares and unique challenges will test you as you search for the core of the dream, but persevere and you'll uncover startling revelations and claim precious treasures that can't be found anywhere else.

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Dreams will fit the personality of each character and may even reveal some surprising secrets they have hidden away.These dreams will often involve unique twists on the Hollow Knight gameplay, such as challenging you to escape a horde of invincible flying nightmares or defeat a group of creatures without your nail. The Dream Nail is a mysterious weapon with hidden uses, and inquisitive players will find dreams hidden in the strangest of places."


Snail Village

Little is known about the Snail Village other than it made an appearance in the Weird and Wonderful World Trailer. Some of it's assets can still be found in-game.


Infected Weaver

The Weaver may have been actually an enemy at one point. While in-game there is weaver who can be found scurrying away from the Knight in the entrance of Weavers' Den, within game files there is a bestiary image for it as well as an icon.

Shrumal NPC

Resembling a Shrumal Warrior holding a staff with a impaled Lightseed, it was probably cut due to a change to fungal creatures making to only be able to communicate through spores.

Giant Spider

Unsure whether a Boss or NPC. It's design and location does not indicate that it was affiliated with Deepnest, and it also predates the reveal of Deepnest.


Unused Files and Misc.



In the reveal of the charms system, an image showing various charms was posted on the developer's website. Some of these charms made it into the game, while a few others didn't, and have so far been left unnamed.

Unending Greed Glass
Unending Greed (Glass)

"Causes much more Geo to drop from enemies, but will break if you’re defeated while it’s equipped! Be careful and don’t let your greed blind you to the dangers ahead."

Possibly an early version of Fragile Greed.

Appears to be a dull version of Unbreakable Greed.

Vengeful Swarm
Vengeful Swarm

"When taking damage, spawn angry hatchlings that attack nearby enemies."

Possibly a very early version of Thorns of Agony/Glowing Womb.

Cut Charm 02
Possibly an early version of one of Lifeblood Heart/Core, or possibly Joni's Blessing.
Cut Charm 03
Possibly an early version of Fragile Heart.

Appears to be a dull version of Unbreakable Heart.

Cut Charm 06
An early, duller version of the Dashmaster Charm.

Unknown Charms

(A couple of these charms appear in the Hollow Knight Press Kit, but only one (First on the bottom, Charm_Wall_Reveal) has a name that could mean something. (The others being named under the convention of Generic_Charm)

Cut Charm 07
Cut Charm 05
Cut Charm 04
Cut Charn 07
Cut Charm 01
Cut Charm 08


  • Several of the cut charms seem to appear on each of the Charm Achievements.