Nail ability learned from Nailmaster Mato. A multi-hit spinning attack performed by holding ATTACK until fully charged, then releasing while holding UP or DOWN.

If this is the only Nail Art the player has learned, they do not need to press UP or DOWN to execute this ability.

If used in the air, the player's falling speed is slowed.

Depending on how much the player taps ATTACK after releasing, Cyclone Slash will attack 3-7 times. Each attack does 1.2x nail damage. If all 7 connect, this makes Cyclone Strike the most powerful Nail Art in the game. However, most enemies will be knocked away from the player before all hits can connect.

Nail Art damage is not affected by Fragile Strength, or Fury of the Fallen without Nailmaster's Glory equipped.


Nailmaster Mato resides in the Howling Cliffs.