Bears the likeness of an eccentric bug known only as 'The Dashmaster'.

The bearer will be able to dash more often as well as dash downwards. Perfect for those who want to move around as quickly as possible.


The ability to dash downward can be helpful in certain platforming segments or in dodging attacks. The main use is early-game traversing, as dashing repeatedly is significantly faster than walking, and certain areas are too confined to properly use Super Dash.

Late-game, however, there are many more charms that are more effective overall, and with the acquisition of the Shade Cloak, needing to dash sooner is not as necessary to avoid enemies. Dashmaster also does not increase the charge speed of the Super Dash or the Shade Cloak. At this point, it is most useful when combined with Sharp Shadow (though it does not reduce the Shade Cloak cooldown time).

How to Acquire

Location Dash Master

Found beneath a statue below the Mantis Village in the Fungal Wastes, near the entrance to Royal Waterways.

Charm Interactions

Sharp Shadow

Sharp Shadow

Dashmaster increases the damage multiplier of Sharp Shadow to 150% Nail damage, and increases distance traveled by 33%.


Grimm Troupe Icon Further increases the movement speed bonus to 37% (8.3->11.4)


  • When the Dashmaster's statue is struck with the Dream Nail, it will yield the lines:
"...Dash faster... Dash further... Dash forever..."