Strike the ground with a concentrated force of SOUL and Shadow. This force can destroy foes or break through fragile structures.
The force requires SOUL to be conjured. Strike enemies to gather SOUL.



Press FOCUS/CAST or QUICK CAST while holding DOWN to cause The Knight to slam into the ground, creating a shockwave that spreads further upwards than Desolate Dive, and bursts twice. The dive deals 15 damage, while the two bursts deal 30 and 15 damage respectively.

The Knight is invincible for a very short period during and after using Descending Dark. This allows for chaining uses of Descending Dark to avoid enemy damage as long as the player has enough SOUL.

 How to Acquire

Hollow Knight - Descending Dark Location! (Crystal Peak)

Hollow Knight - Descending Dark Location! (Crystal Peak)

An upgrade to Desolate Dive. Found on a Snail Shaman's corpse in Crystal Peak, within the Crystallised Mound. Requires Crystal Heart and Desolate Dive to reach.

Be aware that the Crystalised Mound can be difficult to traverse, as it has fairly few foes to gather Soul from and a lot of hazards and relatively tricky platforming. It may be a good idea to acquire the Hiveblood from The Hive before tackling this challenge.


  • Shaman Stone increases the damage dealt by Descending Dark by 33%.