A Dream Boss is a ghost Boss that is unlocked by defeating a specific living Boss and then striking their corpse with the Dream Nail. The Knight will be transported to the Dream World and must perform a short platforming sequence to reach the boss room, which will be set up in a similar fashion to the room in which the original Boss is fought.

Dream Bosses are significantly more challenging than their living counterparts, with much faster and more complex attack patterns, along with much greater health.

When defeated, a Dream Boss will grant a certain amount of Essence, just like Dream Warriors.

There are 5 Dream Bosses in Hallownest.

Icon Name Corpse and Location Essence
HJ False Knight
Failed Champion False Knight in the Forgotten Crossroads, in a room above the boss room, surrounded by two Maggots. 300
HJ Grey Prince Zote
Grey Prince Zote Statue of Zote the Mighty found underneath Bretta's house in Dirtmouth. 300
HJ Broken Vessel
Lost Kin Broken Vessel in the Ancient Basin 400
HJ Soul Master
Soul Tyrant Soul Master in the Soul Sanctum 300
HJ White Defender
White Defender Dung Defender in the Royal Waterways, in a secret room below the large pump next to the Dung Defender's arena. 300

Losing a Dream Boss battle

It's important to note that The Knight does not actually die during a Dream Boss battle. If the player loses, they will simply wake up next to the corpse. This means several things:

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