Dream Nail Inv
Hold to charge and slash with the Dream Nail.

Cut through the veil between dreams and waking.


Hold down DREAM NAIL to charge and swing the Dream Nail. This can perform several functions:

Exclamation Mark
The Dream Wielder charm, granted by the Seer after collecting 500 Essence, greatly reduces the charge time of the Dream Nail and doubles the SOUL gained from hitting living enemies (from 33% to 66%).

How to Acquire

The Dream Nail is acquired in the Resting Grounds by inspecting the Dreamer Statues. Doing so will send the player into a dream where they will receive the Dream Nail from a Moth.

Awoken Dream Nail

Awoken Dream Nail Icon
After collecting 1800 essence, the player is able to awaken the Dream Nail. This allows them to access dreams and memories that were previously hidden from them. With the Awoken Dream Nail, the player can Dreamnail the corpse of the Kingsmould in the Palace Grounds. This will grant them entry to the White Palace.

Furthermore, the Awoken Dream Nail enables the player to read the memories of the Shade Cloak creature in The Abyss. This creature has different Dream Nail dialogue depending on whether the player has obtained Void Heart.



Essence is the energy gained from multiple sources after obtaining the Dream Nail. After obtaining certain amounts of Essence, the player can return to the Seer for rewards. A total of 2400 is needed for all in-game rewards and Achievements. Warping using the Dreamgate uses 1 Essence each time.

Essence Sources

Essence rewards from the Seer


  • The essence gained from passive ghosts are not needed to awaken the Dream Nail.
  • It is unknown whether or not Ghosts are a bug's spirit, a lingering spectre, an imprinted memory, or another form.
  • The Dream Nail can be used to push back most enemies.