Dreamer Masks

To protect the Vessel, the Dreamers lay sleeping.

Through their devotion, Hallownest lasts eternal.

Monomon the Teacher

Lurien the Watcher

Herrah the Beast

" her Archive, surrounded by fog and mist." " his Spire, looking over the city." " her Den, amidst the deep darkness beyond the Kingdom."
B Monomon
B Lurien
B Herrah
  • "...For diversity, a Seal..."
  • "...A world forever unchanging..."
  • '"...the Seals, must break..."
  • "...For King beloved..."
  • "...To sleep... To serve..."
  • "...Bonds must remain..."
  • "...Remain..."
  • "...Bound... For brood... For child..."
  • "...Fair bargain made..."
  • "...Give all..."
  • "...For her..."

Elegy For Hallownest

The Elegy for Hallownest's first four lines are displayed during the opening sequence of the game, however the full version is not encountered ingame, only in the text files.

The Elegy details the rule of the Pale King and the inevitable doom of the Kingdom of Hallownest.

In wilds beyond they speak your name with reverence and regret,

For none could tame our savage souls yet you the challenge met,

Under palest watch, you taught, we changed, base instincts were redeemed,

A world you gave to bug and beast as they had never dreamed.


Our cherished dreams you granted and delivered more,

But in dismay you found too late our desires had no end,

What cost to tame our savagery? You gave your all and then gave more.

Yet still desires lay unquenched, more dreams remained, your energies spent.

Amongst it sprang a dreadful scourge,

That forced return our aggressive urge,

And turned us back to beasts or husks,

Our souls consumed by light above.

Within your corpse can still be heard the plaintiff cries of one,

Who took our pain, and loss, and dreams inside itself to...

Through its pain we found a truth that must now be confessed,

For nothing can contain such things but perfect emptiness.


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