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Hold DOWN while using the Dream Nail to set a Dreamgate.

Hold UP while using the Dream Nail to travel to the placed Dreamgate.

Allows the wielder to travel instantly through dream.

Some areas may lack a strong connection to any dream, disallowing use of the Dreamgate.



Allows The Knight to place a Dream Gate at a location, then warp to it from anywhere. Only one Dreamgate can be placed at any time, and placing a new gate will remove the previous one. Warping consumes 1 Essence. A Dreamgate can be warped to indefinitely, as long as the player has enough Essence.

Dream Gate Pin
Once set, an icon will appear on the map, showing the location of the Dream Gate.

How to Acquire

The Dreamgate is acquired in the Resting Grounds by talking to the Seer after having acquired 900 Essence.

  • If a player has a save file after the Seer has left, they will automatically acquire the Dreamgate


  • When warping out from a dream, the player will wake up at the point they entered the dream, instead of the Dreamgate.
  • Dream Warping will destroy the Delicate Flower.
  • The Dream Gate cannot be used to place a gate or warp to an existing gate while the player is in the Black Egg Temple, the White Palace or Cast-Off Shell.