Hunter's Journal

Skilled combatant living at the heart of the waterways. Assails intruders with balls of compacted dung.
Fighting for 'honour' or for 'loyalty'... You may as well be fighting for dust. If you want to kill, do it for your own sake. that is the true nature of the hunter.



The Defender does a variety of attacks:

  • Dung Toss: Conjures two balls of dung that he throws out after one another that bounce around in the boss arena for a short while.
  • Bouncing Beetle: Curls into a ball and bounce around, usually along with the two balls of dung.
  • Dung Eruption: Sinks into the ground, moving around underground before reemerging, throwing four, smaller balls of dung that break upon impact with the ground or The Knight.
  • Dung Leap: Dives up and down through the ground as though it were water, moving back and forth across the stage and dealing contact damage.
  • Zeal: Once enough damage is done to him, he will do the above attacks in a quicker succession. After this, he will also detect where the player is on the ground when he dives and will try to reemerge close to them.


In the beginning of the fight, try to dodge the balls as best as possible. When he stops to conjure the two balls of dung, stand next to him, hit him once, step back when he throws the ball, step forward to hit him again and quickly step back when he throws the second one. This is the safest way to damage him with little risk.

  • Towards the end of the fight when he does his attacks more frequently, particularly Dung Eruption. Staying right at the left side of the arena is almost completely safe as he will always try to reemerge from the ground close to the player and the balls will just bounce off of the wall, giving a safe spot to damage him.
  • During Dung Eruption, if the player uses Desolate Dive/Descending Dark while he is burrowing, he will be knocked out of the ground and stunned for a few seconds. This is an opportune time to use a Nail Art or a Spell against him, as he will go right back into attacking as soon as he is hit.

Generally speaking, he is one of the easier bosses in the game. Quick Focus will allow the player to almost trivialise the battle. Standing in a corner while he throws his dung balls typically provides lengthy opportunities to heal.



During Fight

Dream Nailed

  • ...For the honour of the King!..
  • ...For the honour of the Five!..
  • ...For the honour of Hallownest!
Talking to him after defeating him

Oh, it's you again. I'm glad to see you return.

No, no, please... Don't say a word. I must apologise for my previous behaviour.

Entirely my fault. I mistook you for one of those mindless skulking husks, yet you bested me in the most majestic knightly fashion.

Such joyful, vigorous combat. I'd almost forgotten the feeling.

I was once a Knight you see. By the grace of our good King, I stood proudly before the throne, watching Hallownest swell to greatness.

Then that nasty business with the affliction...

We knights defend against the physical, but a formless enemy. How to defeat such a foe?

Our King tried in his own way. A cruel means it was... And still, eventually, we were brought low.

Bah! I shouldn't be so morose. You've invigorated me. 'Tis truly a delight to meet one whose strength can match my own.


Talking again
Go now, mighty warrior of Hallownest! You've proven your honour! Good fortune on the path ahead.


Talking while wearing the Defender's Crest
Ahh, you exude the proud odour of the just. Truly, a mighty Knight you are.


After acquiring Isma's Tear
Ahh! That tear... You've been to her grove!

I swore I'd visit, but... my duties... my oath...

Oh, I'm sorry. Ignore me, I'm being foolish. If I'm not careful I'll sink down into old memories and won't ever come back again.

She's a great judge of character, so if she gave you her blessing you must be something special indeed. I'm barely worthy to be in your presence!


Dream Nailed after fight
...So there were others...

Dream Nail when asleep
...Isma... So strong.... Teach me...



"Deep in the Waterways beneath the City of Tears lurks a shunned being. Once a knight, now lost to puerile obsession: The Dung Defender.

Despite his exile, the Dung Defender has for centuries maintained a self-conferred charge: the protection of his mysterious gleaming 'beloved.'
Stalwart and full of bravado, the Dung defender eagerly challenges all who would enter his noxious realm."

  • After his boss fight, the player can access a room by using Descending Dark below the giant switch in the room to the right of the boss arena.
    • If all three Dreamers have been defeated, Dung Defender will be in the left room sleeping amongst a set of five statues made of dung, presumably depicting the Great Knights. Another statue is found to the right with a King's Idol on it - presumably a statue of the Pale King himself.
      • The Dung Defender will not appear in this room immediately following his defeat-- the area must be reloaded by having the Knight exit and reenter.
      • Striking him here with the Dream Nail will send the Knight inside the Defender's dreams, where they may fight the White Defender, a stronger version of the Dung Defender in white armour who served while the Pale King and the Five Great Knights were all still alive.
      • In his dream dialogue, he mentions Isma, one of the other Great Knights, in a revered and admiring tone. This, combined with the fact that the Defender is guarding Isma's Grove, along with Isma's Dream Nail dialogue, all suggest that the two had some form of relationship before Isma died.
  • With the Hidden Dreams update, the White Defender's armour implies that all five of the Great Knights most likely dressed in white while serving the King.

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