Simple walking creature encased in a hard shell. Often found wading in shallow pools of acidic water.

One of the few creatures that can survive in the rivers of harsh acidic water that flow around us. Where does this water come from? It bubbles and spits with a seething hatred of the living...


Behaviour and Tactics

Slowly swims back and forth passively in acid pools. It can be used to traverse above acid before acquiring Isma's Tear or Crystal Heart by downstriking it as it cannot be harmed this way due to it's spiky shell. It only takes damage from the front, however it is rather difficult to hit it with a Nail without Isma's Tear; so the use of spells is recommended.



  • For it to be read by the Dream Nail, go to the left of the lake in Queen's Gardens that has a Durandoo in it, wait for it to come, and then strike it with the Dream Nail.