Hunter's Journal

Lingering dream of a fallen warrior. Travelled the world tending to those affected by the plague.

Never forget what once was lost, yet do not let it tie you down.

-Elder Hu



Behaviour and Tactics

Elder Hu has three abilities:

  • Teleport: Warps from one area to another to avoid attacks or set up his own.
  • Ring Slam: Summons a row of rings (with several safe gaps) in midair before quickly slamming them all down onto the ground simultaneously.
  • Ring Curtain: Summons pairs of rings that slam down on the ground, beginning from the edges of the arena and moving towards the center.

The ring attacks require very precise movements to dodge as they come out very quickly. Shade Cloak is highly recommended, although not completely necessary. Hu will remain in place during the attacks, and his floating pattern is low enough to the ground where attacking with the Nail is possible. Dodge the rings and get in some hits in between. Eventually the rhythm of the attacks is easy to follow and the player should have no problem timing dashes and attacks.



First encounter

Wait, child! Why have you come here? Have you come to tame this savage, ruined land?

Many have come to purify this place, but all who dwell here are eventually consumed.

Yes, even the wild bugs lurking below us. They were once proud like you, but now they are only monsters.

Beware dreams of glory, child. Turn back, and do not return.

Upon defeat

My mind... it clears... Have we been... sleeping, child?

Ahh... I remember. Those proud lords... were they truly monsters? I remember their eyes now... bright and clear. Why then did I fear them so?

If there was madness in that village, it was I who brought it. They were right to cast me out.

When I attacked, they were right to...

They were right to kill...

To kill... me...?


Upon inspecting remains

We remember the Elder.


Elder Hu is found in the eastern part of Fungal Wastes not too far away from the entrance of the Mantis Village and the City of Tears.


  • It seems that he believed the Mantis Tribe were afflicted by the infection, and tried to kill them all because of this. He had not realised that the Mantises actually retained their free will.