The oldest resident of Dirtmouth and a friendly face for new travellers seeking the Kingdom.




First Encounter
Ho there, traveller. I'm afraid there's only me left to offer welcome. Our town's fallen quiet you see.

The other residents, they've all disappeared. Headed down that well, one by one, into the caverns below.

Used to be there was a great kingdom beneath our town. It's long fell to ruin, yet it still draws folks into its depths.

Wealth, glory, enlightenment, that darkness seems to promise all things. I'm sure you too seek your dreams down there.

Well watch out. It's a sickly air that fills the place. Creatures turn mad and travellers are robbed of their memories.

Perhaps dreams aren't such great things after all...


If you do meet my fellows down there you might remind them of their poor Elder, up here, back aching, abandoned to his lonesome vigil. Poor poor me!...

Oh I'm fine, really, but a bit of guilt might go some way in persuading their return. Assuming they're still alive that is.


First encounter (if walked by him the first time)
Oh! You came back! You walked straight past me, I thought maybe I'd faded away along with this town.


First encounter (if visited Forgotten Crossroads before talking to him)
Oh! You're back! You walked straight past me and descended down into the ruins without even saying hello! I thought maybe I'd seen a ghost.

The mind sometimes plays tricks on you when you spend a lot of time alone.


Generic greeting
There's something strange about you. I've seen all types pass below, but you... You're almost familiar, though I'm sure we've never met before.


Exhausted dialogue
Feeling tired? That bench may be iron, but I assure you it's quite comfortable. There's no better place to collect your thoughts before heading below.

Plus I enjoy the company. Not that you seem the talkative sort.


After opening Iselda's shop
A young couple's just recently taken up residence in the house beside the station. Seems they're running a map shop, which may excite adventurous types like yourself.

She's a tall bug, the wife. I told them to take a larger house, especially given they're all empty, but they liked the look of that one.

The way she has to bend just to get through the door...I wouldn't put up with it myself.


After opening Sly's shop
Oh, what a turn! Our shopkeep's come home. Just wandered back in. I'd hoped for grand tales of his time below, but he seems to remember almost nothing! Maybe it was all too much for him?

If you're interested in his wares, watch out! He drives a hard bargain, that one.

No competition. That's the problem. It's bad for the market. Not that he's complaining.


After opening the Stag Station in Dirtmouth
I never thought I'd see such a thing. The Stag Station has opened! That building lay silent since before even my time.

Oh, I've heard the tales of the glorious lines. A web of tunnels running all through the kingdom. Not that I'll be travelling them, mind you! I'm quite content where I am.


Greeting after opening Stag Station
There’s something about you little traveller. The winds are changing.


After opening the door to Confessor Jiji
Faring well in your adventures below? Well I had an adventure of my own while you were gone.

I don't usually visit the town's graveyard, but I thought I'd go and visit the grave of an old friend.

As I was walking amongst the tombstones, I noticed a strange kind of chanting coming from somewhere nearby. Extremely sinister chanting!

I looked around to find the source, and I saw two bright, horrible, huge eyes staring at me from the door of a dark cave!

I pretended I hadn't heard the voice or seen the eyes and scurried back to town. My friend will have to wait a little longer for her visit...


After rescuing Bretta
That lovely young lass returned to us! I must admit, I'd placed thin odds on her survival.

Seems to think very highly of her rescuer, some sort of dashing, warrior type. Barely stopped gushing since she got back.

The warrior must have passed down below whilst I was taking my nap. Such a shame. I'd have loved to meet so impressive a bug.


When wearing Defender's Crest
Can you... smell something? There's suddenly a horrid stench in the air.

I swear, the town usually smells much nicer than this. Please accept my humble apology!


While Grimm Troupe is in Dirtmouth
Ahh! Look there! Something strange and sinister has suddenly appeared!

Ugh, it fills me with dread. I think it best I try to ignore it.


Dream Nailed
To descend into that ruin... Why? Things are so much simpler up here.


Dream Nailed while Grimm Troupe is in Dirtmouth
Why must these grotesque strangers intrude on our peaceful little home? Sometimes it feels like the whole world is conspiring to make me uncomfortable.


It's a sprawling land beneath us. If you're ever feeling lost or would care for some direction, come speak with me. I may be able to suggest a new sight or a new path you'd never before considered.

Surprised? Despite my lack of experience, I'm actually quite knowledgeable about the lay of the kingdom below. I've listened to countless stories from travellers and explorers just like yourself.

I'm sure you'l have your own grand tale to tell once you're finished down there. Either that or you'll be dead! I'll admit, in Hallownest, the latter is far more common.


Many used to come, hoping the kingdom would fulfill their desires. Hallownest, it was once called. Supposedly the greatest kingdom there ever was, full of treasures and secrets.

Hm. Now it's nothing more than a poisonous tomb full of monsters and madness.

Everything fades eventually, I suppose.


I hope you aren't too disappointed by our little town, traveller. Though it's now a solemn place, once we were much more welcoming.

Entry to the kingdom was forbidden long ago, supposedly after some great calamity. Many gates were closed, but our old well remains as a way to creep back in.

Over the years, all kinds used the well to wriggle into the ruins, wanderers, thieves, adventurers.

Funny how few ever come back up. Perhaps they find what they're looking for? ...

Bah, I'm not so naive. No doubt, they've all been gobbled up! There are countless dangers in those depths.


After opening the elevator to Crystal Peak
That noisy old lift, where does it go? Up to the old mines they carved into the peak I suppose.

Have you been up there? Is it true that crystals grow everywhere you step?

A villager brought some of those crystals back to the village once. I don't quite understand the allure myself.

You can't eat them, and they don't make for good pillows. They hardly seem worth all the trouble to me.

Did you know the caverns continue even below the capital? Few hundred ventured that deep so the details are scant.

Those who made it back told of impossibly old structures and roads formed as though the rock itself possessed will.


After having reached Howling Cliffs
To reach Dirtmouth, most travellers take circuitous routes around the cliffs beside us. It's a hard trek now but in the kingdom's prime things were far simpler.

There's an old pass in the cliffs that once allowed easy access. The bridge up to it has long since crumbled away, and even without it, a huge door bars entry

I can't complain mind you. It's meant we've only ever had to accommodate a trickle of travellers, even during our busiest times. I wouldn't want hordes of bugs to descend on Dirtmouth. I like the quiet.


After having reached the City of Tears
Hallownest's great capital is what most of you brave types come to see.Thinking to loot its treasures I suppose? It must be brimming with them.

The city's right at the centre of the kingdom, though I've heard the gates are sealed, so gaining entry can be difficult.

It'd be a rich bug that could return with even a fraction of the wealth inside. Despite my age, I've only seen few who've managed it. Must say something of the dangers about its streets.


After having reached the Fungal Wastes
My understanding of Hallownest can be a little vague, but below those leafy caverns is a fungal grove, once home to peaceful creatures not quite bug and not quite plant.

Sounds almost worth a visit no? Well there's a downside, the dreadful stench! A noxious odour fills the place.


After having reached Greenpath

I used to think the kingdom below was all dead cold rock, but I've since been told different. Travellers speak of startling variety in Hallownest's caverns. Even just besides those Crossroads there's meant to be an area full with leafy greenery.

I told those same travellers about the wonderful grasses that grow around the town. They didn't seem impressed.


After having reached the Crystal Peak
Did you see that tall cliff beyond the town's graveyard? That's only the base of a much larger peak.

There's mines and machinery and all sorts of valuable rock forms inside. Many a traveller through Dirtmouth headed straight for it.


After having reached the Ancient Basin
Did you know the caverns continue even below the capital? Few have ventured that deep so the details are scant.

Those who made it back told of impossibly old structures and roads formed as though the rock itself possessed a will.


After having reached the Resting Grounds
Apparently, the many graves of Hallownest are enough to fill an entire network of caverns. Somewhere above the city it's told. Sounds a gloomy sight.

Bah, I'm content with our own humble plot. In our boom times, we even had a gravedigger! Not a bad sort he was, though dead now.

He, didn't die to the dangers of Hallownest mind you. That one fell into an open grave and couldn't climb out.

I found the corpse myself. Dreadful nuisance. I've since had to tend the graves myself.


After Forgotten Crossroads is infected
Ehhh...A sharp sickly smell has started to drift from the well beside town. I'd thought those depths ominous before, now they seem just dreadful.

Whatever horrid curse afflicts this ruin, I'd wager it's grown stronger than ever.


After visiting the Temple of the Black Egg

Did you visit that temple? A strange building I've heard, though I'd never dare the journey myself.

The braver among us once went there to pray, said they felt at peace within the walls. After a while, they stopped going. I wonder what changed?


After opening the Temple of the Black Egg

I heard a piercing cry from the well. It echoed about my mind and left me all a daze.

I'd say it was a foul beast's death, but this cry sounded different...divine? Has something happened little traveller?

No. Don't tell me. If foul events are brewing, it's probably better I don't know.

Delicate Flower

Talking to him with flower in inventory
Hm? What's that you have there? Ah! What a beautiful flower! I'd never have guessed by looking, but you have surprisingly good taste in flora. Why are you carrying around such an exquisite bloom?

Wait... you didn't...? Ahh!

This flower is... is it a gift? For me? Are you really giving me something so precious?


Oh. My mistake. Yes. Very foolish of me. I don't know why I thought you'd go to so much effort for a simple old bug.

Appreciating others and being considerate... these aren't skills that everyone is born with.


Talking again after refusing
You're still holding onto that exquisite bloom... have you changed your mind? Are you really giving me something so precious?


Giving him the Flower
Ah! I can really have it? My, my... I barely know what to say except... thank you!

I'd resigned myself to selflessly giving out advice to passers by, without receiving any gratitude in return. Little did I know, one young bug was taking my words to heart and would repay my kindness.

And with such a beautiful gift! Ahh. Suddenly, the world seems a little less faded.

Thank you, my friend. I will take care of this flower while you're gone, so we can enjoy it together when you return.


Talking again after giving the Flower
This flower you gave me... when dark thoughts creep into my head I gaze at it and think of you.

Why not rest at the bench here for a while? We can enjoy the flower together before you head off again.


Dream Nail after giving the Delicate Flower
These petals... so white. Can you see them too... watching me from wherever you are?

Perhaps dreams aren't such bad things after all...



  • He is a valid recipient of the Delicate Flower, he comments on the flower if shown, however apart from a few lines of dialogue, this does not have any effects and another flower can be acquired from the Grey Mourner to be delivered to the grave in Queen's Gardens.
  • If the player passes Elderbug without talking to him when first entering Dirtmouth, he will call after the player in surprise and if talked to later, he will comment on this.