Mummified remains, deformed and enraged by infection.

Inside these shambling corpses is a bright light that pierces any darkness. I peered inside that light once and saw... something within it shining back. Something terrible.


Behaviour and Tactics

Will slowly drag itself about and will charge quickly towards The Knight once in range, swiping three times while pulling itself forward. It deals two masks of damage on contact.

Keep an eye on the distance and quickly back up to avoid any head-on confrontation and make sure to use any height advantage. Its eyes glow and it makes disgusting choking noises as it drags itself around, so it can easily be heard from far away.

Dream Nail Dialogue
  • ...Light... mine...
  • ...Sleep... light... sleep...
  • ...Alive... more light...


Found in the crypts beneath the Resting Grounds. Missing information.


  • It's body shape and size very much resembles that of the Great Husk Sentry.
  • When killed, it bursts. This burst does not deal damage, but blobs of infection get thrown outwards within a close radius.