Emilitia is a bug who can be found sitting and laughing to herself among many treasures and valuables in a hidden room in the City of Tears.

Her room is first only accessible through a series of hidden walls in the Royal Waterways, but after the player leaves through the main door they can reenter at any point, providing an alternative entrance to the Waterways.



First encounter

Ah, what a surprise! It's not often I receive visitors. It's been so long. Ages even. I just hope my manners haven't left me. You've no doubt sensed my affluence. You're right to guess, I'm renowned amongst the upper caste of Hallownest. ...Well I was... once, until those cretins cast me out. Have you met them, my former fellows? That's them outside, their bodies shambling around all mindless and empty. And I'm still alive to witness their pathetic demise. Ahhh, I'm just so happy. Fate can be a wonderful thing.

Talking again Isn't life just wonderful...
Greet In times past I wouldn't have spoken with your likes, but now the rest of my caste are wonderfully, distantly deceased. If I didn't welcome you I'd never have anyone to share my happiness with.
After acquiring the King's Brand Oh... hmm... Could it be? You've returned at last? No. No...  Oh pardon me! For just a moment, I mistook a certain quality about you. You seemed almost... regal. Silly, I know. It's clear you're not of high birth, wandering about all dirty and tattered like that.
Dream Nail No doubt this one will meet its demise at the nails of the city's guards. I'll outlive you too little grub, as I did all the others.


  • Eternal Emilitia was designed by Gavin Douglas, a Kickstarter backer.

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