Fast Travel is the method of travelling directly from one Area to another. As the player progresses through the game, they will come across two methods of Fast Travel: Stagways and Trams.


Stag Station Map
The Stagways are an interconnected system of tunnels throughout Hallownest that link different areas together via Stag Stations. he player can traverse the Stagways with the help of The Last Stag, who will also give a bit of information about each location when talked to.

Most stations require activating a toll machine with Geo. Not every area has a Stag Station.

After unlocking a Stag Station, the player must hit the nearby bell with their Nail to summon The Last Stag. This must also be done every time the player reaches an open Stag Station other than the one they last used.

The player may purchase a Stag Station Pin from Iselda for Geo 100, which reveals the locations of every Stag Station in the area after that area's Map has been purchased.


Locations and Prices

Name Cost
City of Tears (City Storeroom) Geo 200
City of Tears (King's Station) Geo 300
Deepnest (Distant Village) Geo 250
Dirtmouth N/A
Forgotten Crossroads Geo 50
Fungal Wastes (Queen's Station) Geo 120
Greenpath Geo 140
Howling Cliffs (Stag Nest) Geo 50
Queen's Gardens Geo 200
Resting Grounds N/A


Area Tram
Tram Pass

A Tram is an transit vehicle that allows the player to fast travel using the tunnels deeper underground where Stag Stations may not reach. Requires acquiring the Tram Pass.

There are two tram tunnels: an upper tram that connects the southeast end of Forgotten Crossroads to the southwest end of the Resting Grounds, and a lower tram that connects the southeast part of Deepnest, the northernmost part of Ancient Basin and the southwest entrance of Kingdom's Edge.

The player may purchase a Tram Pin from Iselda for Geo 100, which reveals the location of the Tram in the area after that area's Map has been purchased.


Locations and Prices

Name Cost
Forgotten Crossroads MISSING
Resting Grounds MISSING
Deepnest MISSING
Ancient Basin MISSING
Kingdom's Edge MISSING


  • It is hinted at by dialogue from The Last Stag and from Dreams from corpses in Deepnest that Trams were originally going to replace the Stagways, but a nest of insects halted construction on the Lower Tram and it was never finished before Hallownest's downfall.
  • It is also suggested that the technology used in the Trams came from the civilisation that existed before Hallownest, and that the residents simply adopted the existing pieces.

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