Youngest of its species. Its body is composed of teeth, wings and stomach.

Seems to want to latch onto any living thing that comes by with its sharp little teeth. It will leave its cousins alone though, so it isn't completely mindless.


Behaviour and Tactics

Floats passively until disturbed. When engaged, it will reveal its fangs and dive at The Knight in an parabolic arcing motion, dealing damage on contact. They are extremely fast and frantic, making them hard to fend off despite their low health. Because of this, it is advised to stand still and let them come to you, as their seemingly unpredictable movement makes it hard to pursue them.

Longnail, Mark of Pride and Quick Slash can be quite useful against them. After a nail upgrade or two, they can be killed in one hit.

Dream Nail Dialogue
  • ...Mother...


Missing information.