Worm-like creature that prefers damp, dark habitats.

Dangerous, unpredictable foes that infest the pipes below Hallownest's capital. Even when it seems you've killed them, you need to stay on guard.


Behaviour and Tactics

Meanders back and forth, emitting a suckling sound to signal its presence. Once it spots The Knight, it rushes forward at them, dealing damage on contact.

Shortly after its death, the top half reanimates. It emits a scream before flying at the Knight. The bottom half reanimates shortly after, making slobbering noises and running quickly at the Knight. It can run up on walls and, due to its speed, attacking it early in the game can be risky - if not killed in one hit, there is a good chance that it will run back faster than a second swing, therefore it is safer to down-strike it by jumping over its head.

Dream Nail Dialogue
  • ...Mother...
  • ...Mother...Mother...


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