Living charm born in the gut of a Flukemarm.

Transforms the Vengeful Spirit spell into a horde of volatile baby flukes.

How to Acquire

Dropped by Flukemarm in the Royal Waterways when defeated.


Using Flukenest is primarily a preference-based decision, as the player is sacrificing range and consistency for twice as much total damage over a wider spread. Flukenest is most effective when used whether against groups of weaker enemies who stay on the ground, or single larger enemies and bosses who have large hitboxes, guaranteeing that all the flukes will hit.

Charm Interactions

For charm interaction damage, see Damage Values.

Defender's Crest

Defender's Crest

Can be combined with Defender's Crest to release a large toxic fluke that explodes on contact with an enemy, releasing a large toxic cloud.

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