Focus collected SOUL to repair your shell and heal damage.
Strike enemies to gather SOUL.


Focus inventory

Focus SOUL and heal

Hold down FOCUS/CAST to drain SOUL and regenerate health at a rate of 1 mask per 33% meter.

Continuing to hold FOCUS/CAST will continue to heal 1 mask of health as long as the player has 33% or more SOUL. This also skips the startup time.

If the player does not have enough SOUL, they will not be able to use Focus. However, if a player uses Focus while at full health, or does not perform a full cast of Focus, they will still use up stored SOUL. Getting hit by an enemy interrupts casting (even while protected by Baldur Shell) and wastes any SOUL used during the incomplete cast.


Several charms change the way Focus works:

  • Baldur Shell gives a small protection while focusing.
  • Deep Focus allows the player to heal 2 masks of health at half the speed.
  • Hiveblood heals 1 mask of health over time without focusing.
  • Joni's Blessing prevents the player from being able to heal.
  • Quick Focus allows the player to Focus at twice the speed.
  • Shape of Unn allows the player to move slowly while focusing.
  • Spore Shroom creates a cloud of damaging spores after 1 "burst" of focus.

How to Acquire

The player starts the game with this ability. A tutorial prompt will appear the first time the player is injured, but the player may still activate Focus before this.


  • In the Soul Sanctum, there have been notes about how it's almost, if not, impossible to attain and accomplish Pure Focus. It seems that only Pale Beings could perform Pure Focus.