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Lingering dream of a fallen warrior. Trained in the wilds bordering the kingdom, hoping to become a Knight.

A Knight strives not only to protect the land and its people, but the hopes and dreams of the kingdom.

- Galien

Behaviour and Tactics

Galien has three main attacks:

  • Scythe Spin: Commands a scythe that spins rapidly and bounces off the floor, slowly tracking The Knight. He will occasionally command it to return to him before sending it off again.
  • Scythe Ricochet: Once damaged enough, commands the scythe to bounce around the room, not tracking the Knight.
  • Soul Scythes: Once damaged enough, spawns first one, and then two smaller spinning scythes which will also ricochet off the walls as the large scythe continues to move.

Having the Shade Cloak is recommended here, as it can be tough to react to the smaller scythes while dodging the main scythe. Otherwise, Galien has no teleport, and is slow and large enough that it is easy to stay underneath him and continually attack him.

Abyss Shriek/Howling Wraiths is also effective.

To the left of Galien's corpse is a short path that leads to a Lifeblood Cocoon. This is advantageous to use as it lets the player take a few more hits that could result from losing focus on the smaller scythes.

It is advised to kill Galien quickly, as his scythes can become overwhelming if they are left for a long period of time.



First encounter

Hoh, a fellow warrior, out here? I thought I was the only one brave enough and strong enough to survive in this foul, forgotten pit.

I am Galien, the strongest warrior in Hallownest! I came to this monstrous place to test my strength. No doubt you wish to test your might as well, hmm?

Yes, you and I are a rare breed, quite unlike this poor fellow who has fallen before us. The world is not kind to the weak, I fear.

So then... shall we do battle? Let us test our strength in joyful combat!

Upon defeat

Unbelievable... I am defeated at last! So this is what it feels like to be bested...

Still though, I am strong, am I not? When you see our King, surely you'll tell him of my valour...?

Yes... he sent you here to test me, didn't he? I knew he had not forgotten brave Galien.

I am ready... to join you now. Brothers, you and I. Let us leave this place...


Upon inspecting remains

The body of a fallen warrior.



  • Galien is the only Dream Warrior to control and use a physical weapon.
  • Due to a bug, hatchlings from the Glowing Womb charm do not target Galien.