The currency of Hallownest, made from fossilised shells of various forms. Can be traded for goods or used as toll in various old mechanisms.


Used to buy goods from merchants or to pay tolls for Stag Stations and Benches. Also used to pay the Nailsmith to upgrade The Knight's Nail.

Geo‍3000 is also required to obtain the Vessel Fragment from the fountain in Ancient Basin.

How to Acquire

Geo Chest

A Geo chest

Geo Deposit

A Geo Deposit

Geo can be gained in several different ways:

Keeping Relics to sell to Lemm when Geo is needed is particularly useful because unlike Geo, these items are not lost upon death.

In Steel Soul mode, Rancid Eggs can be sold to Steel Soul Jinn for Geo.

Good Sources of Geo


One-time Sources

Large Geo Catch

Large Geo deposit

  • Gorgeous Husk in the City of Tears drops Geo‍420 upon death (Geo‍672 with Fragile Greed equipped)
  • In Kingdom's Edge, there is a hidden passage accessible by breaking a wall in a room with a Great Hopper and a lot of spike pits. At the very bottom of it is largest Geo deposit in the game, rewarding Geo‍420. This value is not increased by Fragile Greed.

Summary of Geo needs



  • Geo‍1079 for all of the maps from Cornifer (Geo‍1515 if bought from Iselda)
  • Geo‍1780 for Iselda Pins and others
  • Geo‍1286 for all of the Fragile Charms (Geo‍1046 if wearing Defender's Crest)
  • Geo‍1350 to unlock all of the trials at the Colosseum
  • Geo‍100 to make a bank account at Millibelle (and Geo‍2500 if you want her to leave)
  • Geo‍7050 to fully upgrade your Nail
  • Geo‍5410 to buy all from Salubra (Geo‍1690 for the Charms and Geo‍3720 for Notches and Blessing)
  • Geo‍9260 to buy all from Sly
  • Geo‍36000 to upgrade all of your Fragile Charms to Unbreakable at Divine
  • Geo‍~90 per Rancid Egg bought from Tuk (opt. with an infinite supply)



  • Geo‍69235 to buy all of the things in the cheapest way
  • Geo‍69911 to buy all of the things not in the cheapest way (Geo‍676 more than cheapest)