Drains the SOUL of its bearer and uses it to birth hatchlings.

The hatchlings have no desire to eat or live, and will sacrifice themselves to protect their parent.

How to Acquire

Location Glowing Womb

The Glowing Womb can be acquired in the Forgotten Crossroads after the Crystal Heart is acquired at Crystal Peak. The entrance is hidden to the right of the False Knight arena in the ceiling after a series of columns.

The entrance is guarded by a lone Husk Bully and a set of spikes. The area itself is littered with Aspid Hunters and Aspid Mothers in an arena where the player must fight a fair number of them before they can proceed to acquire the Glowing Womb.


Using the player's SOUL meter, periodically spawns up to 4 small hatchlings at a time that will hover around the player and charge at the nearest enemy, dealing 7 damage and dying in the process.

This charm is based on preference, as a player who prefers Nail combat and is efficient at dodging will have less use for SOUL for healing or using Spells, so having a passive assistant to combat may be useful.

Charm Interactions

For charm interaction damage, see Damage Values.

Defender's Crest

Defender's Crest

Hatchlings explode into a toxic cloud when they come into contact with an enemy, dealing damage over a short time. (They also turn into poop when they rest.)
Fury of the Fallen

Fury of the Fallen

Increases the hatchlings' damage when on 1 HP.

Note: The above two charms also stack together.


  • When the player rests on a Bench, the hatchlings will rest on the ground after a few moments.
  • Due to a bug, hatchlings do not target Galien.