Lingering dream of a fallen warrior. A mysterious life-form that claimed to contain all of the world's knowledge inside of its distended brain.

I am Gorb!




Behaviour and Tactics

Gorb has only two moves:

  • Spear Cast: Fires a ring of spears out in a circle from his location. The spears travel through the environment and deal contact damage.
  • Teleport: Gorb will warp around the arena to avoid damage.

As he takes more damage, Gorb will eventually fire two, then three waves of Spear Cast in a row. They are slow enough to dodge with good timing, though when close-up they are clustered enough that it's hard to get in in time for a melee strike unless the player has acquired Shade Cloak. Using ranged attacks and Spells mitigates this problem.

Gorb's fight, like all Dream Warrior fights, uses the entire room as the arena. In Gorb's case, this results in the largest arena out of all the other Dream Warriors, and the only one that has other Enemies in the same room. A good strategy if the player becomes damaged is to move as far away from the main platform as possible, as Gorb only stays within that zone, and heal up, using the Dream Nail to regain SOUL from the nearby enemies. From this distance, the player only has to be aware of one or two stray spears.




First encounter

I am Gorb!

Bow! Bow bow bow bow to Gorb!

The great mind! I am Gorb!

Ascend! Ascend! Ascend ascend ascend with Gorb!

Upon defeat

I... am Gorb!

The great mind... the pain! Ascend! Ascend!

I... I am...

Upon inspecting remains

Here lies Gorb, the Great Mind.



  • Despite being known as the "Great Mind", Gorb appears to be extremely simple-minded, with a childlike speech pattern and limited vocabulary.