Hunter's Journal

Corpulent husk encrusted with a shining metal. Retains the instinct to hoard Geo.
There is beauty in many things. Reflections of light in water, the taste of freshly killed meat, the cry of a hatchling for its mother... I have never understood the lust for metals and stones though.


Behaviour and Tactics

Behaves just like the Gluttonous Husk, hopping at The Knight once in range. However, it is bigger and has much more health, making it slightly more challenging to beat.

Dream Nail Dialogue
  • Glorious! Glorious! Yesss!
  • You're beautiful! I'm beautiful!
  • My light is the only true light! Follow me!


It is located in the topmost of the rooms to the right of the Hollow Knight Fountain in the City of Tears. To reach it, travel right when entering the room in a secret chamber. There is a hidden step, therefore easy to miss, as the player has to jump to enter the hidden room.



Gorgeous Husk Location00:54

Gorgeous Husk Location

How to reach it



  • The Gorgeous Husk drops more Geo than virtually any enemy in the game. Only one of it exists and it does not respawn.

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