Animated remains of a Great Sentry, the most elite of the city's guards. Wields a greatnail and shell. Its powerful attacks cause heavy damage.

An extremely rare thing, a bug of Hallownest that actually poses a threat. Watch them carefully, as they can lash out quickly with devastating strikes.

Behaviour and Tactics

These mighty sentries deal two damage with their attacks, making them very dangerous foes:

  • Guard: When approached, holds up its shield in The Knight's direction. This can be done upwards when the Knight is above them.
  • Strike: After blocking a hit with Guard or waiting long enough, it launches a single strike, followed by Guard, making it difficult to damage them without getting hit. Sometimes it will execute 2 strikes. It will always launch 2 strikes if it waits long enough. If the Knight gets a hit on their raised shield or on them from above they will follow up with a single slash upwards.
  • Retaliate: When attacked, it lowers its shield and executes a Strike attack that leaves it open for a brief time.

They can be attacked by standing just inside their range, waiting for them to raise their sword, running out of range then running up and striking them when their attack is over. This requires very good timing and many hits, as these enemies have a lot of health. Mark of Pride makes it easier to reach them with a strike before they can shield themselves. It is also possible to hit them as they prepare a strike, then dash away.

An easy way to kill them is to use Sharp Shadow and dash through them every time they try to attack.

They are constantly guarded while patrolling, so they can only be damaged when they open up for an attack. Spells do go through, though.

Dream Nail Dialogue
  • ...Outsider...
  • ...Defend...
  • ...Kill...
  • ...Protect....the city...
  • ...Not welcome...Kill...
  • ...Keep out...