The Grey Mourner is found in the East area of the Resting Grounds, behind breakable walls. Requires Desolate Dive or Descending Dark to reach.

When spoken to, the Grey Mourner talks about her dead lover, the daughter of the Traitor Lord, and requests The Knight to take a Delicate Flower to her grave, located in the Queen's Gardens. This flower will break if the Knight uses Fast Travel, teleports with the Dreamgate, or takes damage.

Successfully completing this quest yields a Mask Shard, making her quest required for 100% completion.



First encounter Ahhhh.... Me'hon. This world. This cruel, sinful world. Why does che' wake? Why does che' persist? Ahhh Le'mer, you could not know of tragedy as complete as che's, true lovers stripped apart, two worlds that could not meet. And now meled'lover, dead so long in time. Dead, so far away. Buried, moina? Ai.

Amongst its hateful kin that did deny our union, that did reject che's... outside-ness. She doesn't suppose?... Nahlo, Nahlo. Could che' ask? Could che' burden? Le'mer, woulds't you, coulds't you deliver gift to her grave? The gift is, maybe small? But the trek is long. She rests amongst her kind near our Queen's lush refuge. Would such a thing be done? Che' asks perhaps impossible things? Mad things? For Le'mer to take up such quest would be a kindness che' has near forgotten.

Refusing flower You turn away? Che' should've expected such. This world is not one of favours. Only of heart-ache.
Accepting flower Rare boon you grant Le'mer. It will be che's last request. After this, never shall che' lay burden on another. A sacred flower is the offering. It is a rare, delicate object. One of a kind. You must cherish it, must act as though it were your own heart. If you were to get hurt whilst carrying it, or did to attempt ride those jolting transit beasts, it would forever be destroyed. Her grave lies in the middle of the Queen's overgrown estate. It is surrounded by her kind, who will not look kindly on your trespass. Take care Le'mer. My hopes I place upon you and my fervent wish that this small solace may come to pass.
Talking while having flower Her grave lies in the middle of the Queen's old retreat, a far journey from here and the roads between are fraught with beasts. Safe tiding on your journey. My heart does flutter to feel such kindness from so tiny a creature.
Failing to deliver flower Ulll Waaaaii! Che's sacred, precious, one of its kind flower. Ruined. Che's love, denied her final gift. Such suffering for che'. Such misery. Che' thought she could bear no more. ...I suppose, che' does have one more flower though. But Le'mer! This one is equally sacred and equally fragile. Where'st one to accept such quest, it must become mel'precious heart. Would such a thing be again be tried?
Offering flower again Me'hon? Does the heart beat a moment? Share pain of grief and hope to soothe it? Would you convey che's final gift unto her lover's grave?
Accepting flower again Then this new, sacred, one of its kind flower che' shall give you. As che warned before, it doest become precious as one's heart whilst held. If you were to get hurt again whilst carrying it, or did to attempt ride those jolting transit beasts, this one too shall be destroyed. Though my faith in one has been...challenged, my hopes are still with you Le'mer.
Talking while having flower again Her grave lies in the middle of the Queen's old retreat. It's a far journey from here and you've already learned how dangerous those paths can be. Be safe...And be more careful. Me'hon.
Failing to deliver flower again .....Wai. Destroyed. Again. Another rare and precious thing reduced to wilted stem. Che' does have spare...But Le'mer must know, a precious, sacred fragile flower it is. She did not want to part with it, but for meled'love, she would give all. Woulds't that quest again be taken?
Offering flower again Woulds't you perhaps attempt the journey to che's lover's grave again?
Delivering flower Mi'? Le'mer, you have done this thing? Is it possible? This world's cruelty, I'd thought it overwhelming, but le'mer, such great compassion. That Che's love would know her partner's heart even aeon past.

Is it that, Le'mer? Such grief, can end? Che' can end? Ullll, eh nai dear love. Che' too can end.

After acquiring King's Brand Le'mer, takes that heavy mantle...Che' wouldn't wish it upon one. Having served that brand at it's great height, che' knows well what suffering it brings. Enough to turn nym'King to flee or fair Knights to mourning.
Dream Nail Ulll... Nemenoo... Nails and claws... Why must it be so?


The Grey Mourner is found residing in a house in a secret area in the east of the Resting Grounds.


  • The Grey Mourner is heavily implied to be Ze'mer, one of the five Great Knights, due to the large nail in her home, and comments about serving under the Pale King when shown the King's Brand.
    • Her speech pattern uses the word "Le'mer," which is very similar to "Ze'mer"
    • Her physical figure also fits the Dung Defender's statues of the other Knights, along with the silhouette in the White Defender's arena.
    • What's interesting about this theory is that other characters encountered who have known the Dung Defender all comment on the player wearing the Defender's Crest, but not the Grey Mourner.
  • The Grey Mourner is a backer NPC created by Xun Zhao, confirmed by Team Cherry in a reddit comment.

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