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Figment of an obsessed mind. Lacks grace but becomes stronger with every defeat.

"My love, any creature who could bear to be away from you, who would willingly leave you behind or say unkind things to you... Pah! Lowly maggots, not worthy of standing in your glorious shadow!"

She felt her cold body grow warm, a sensation she had almost forgotten...

- 'The Grey Prince' Chapter 112


Zote Statue

A Dream Boss version of of Zote the Mighty, made muscular and powerful through the power of Dreams.

To access the boss, the player must have saved both Bretta and Zote and have defeated him in the Colosseum of Fools. The player also needs to have the Monarch Wings in order for the basement to open. The fight starts by striking the statue in Bretta's basement with the Dream Nail.

He can be fought up to a maximum number of ten times, but each successive time he will obtain more health, and his attacks deal more damage with consecutive fights: 1 mask on the first 3 fights, 2 masks on the 4th fight, 3 masks of damage on the 5th fight, and one additional mask each fight after that.

He only grants Essence on the first victory.


Behaviour and Tactics

  • Frantic Swings: Frantically swings his nail while following the Knight before slamming down, creating two medium-sized shockwaves.
  • Shadow Slam: Vanishes into shadows before reappearing above the Knight, slamming the ground, creating a shockwave in two directions.
  • Leap Bash: Leaps forward, slamming the ground and slashing his nail, creating one small shockwave behind him, and one large shockwave in front of him.
  • Failed Slash: Attempts to slash but falls to the ground, creating two shockwaves.
  • Backwards Slam: Jumps backwards, creating two tall shockwaves.
  • Summon Volatile Zoteling: Raises his nail in the air, creating three Volatile Zotelings. (from the 3rd fight)

His Summon Zoteling attack grants time for up to three heals, depending on his position. Other than that, he gives no chance to heal without Quick Focus and Baldur Shell, and even then, it's likely he'll break the shell.

For damage output, Nail-based Charms work very well; Fragile Strength, Quick Slash and Mark of Pride/Longnail help immensely.

Shade Cloak and Monarch Wings are useful for avoiding his shockwaves and Volatile Zotelings.

As with the other Dream Bosses, the Knight does not die when they lose all their health during this battle, but simply wakes up next to the statue. This means that Fragile Strength and Fragile Heart can be used continually without breaking.

Dream Nail Dialogue
  • My Queen... I do it all for you!
  • I love her more!
  • Dark... Light... They're nothing compared to her!!
  • I'll kill you quickly... I must tend to my Queen!
  • Jealous fool! You stand no chance!


In the basement of Bretta's house after she is rescued and Zote is defeated in the Colosseum.


Zote Statue Gold
  • Some of the attacks Grey Prince Zote uses are similar to Zote's "attacks" in his fight against the Knight in the Colosseum of Fools.
  • Each time Grey Prince Zote is defeated, one additional candle will light up around his statue until there are 4 candles around the statue.
  • After defeating him 10 times, his statue will turn gold.
  • Bretta will leave Dirtmouth after Grey Prince Zote is defeated more than 4 times.
  • The Volatile Zoteling doesn't deal explosion damage to him.
  • Each time he is defeated, he earns a new adjective listed, stacking on top of the other titles:

(lvl 10) Invincible,
(lvl 9) Fearless,
(lvl 8) Sensual,
(lvl 7) Mysterious,
(lvl 6) Enchanting,
(lvl 5) Vigorous,
(lvl 4) Diligent,
(lvl 3) Overwhelming,
(lvl 2) Gorgeous, Passionate,
(lvl 1) Terrifying, Beautiful, Powerful, Grey Prince Zote