Powerful and devoted spirit of the Grimm Troupe. As part of the Ritual, it gathers scarlet flame within its torch. It will relinquish the flame once defeated.

A spark of red lights darkest dream

Scarlet nightmares bright and wild

Visions dance and flames do speak

Burn the father, feed the child

- "The Grimm Troupe"

Behaviour and Tactics

Like other Grimmkin spirits, Masters will spawn when the Knight approaches a flame with the Grimmchild equipped, at which point they will become aggressive, following and attacking the Knight until they kill them or leave the current map. They normally fly out of range if the Knight tries to approach them, but are left vulnerable for a few seconds after performing an attack shortly before vanishing.

  • Heavy Tackle: Charges directly at the Knight with extreme speed. Can be dodged or Shadow Dashed through. It is possible, but risky, to attack them during this charge. Sharp Shadow is useful for dealing damage while simultaneously avoiding this attack.
  • Grimmfire: Fires five fireballs at once, three in the same pattern as Grimmkin Novices and two more in the gaps between them after a slight delay. The Master is then left vulnerable for a few seconds.
  • Flame Dance: Fires four fireballs that spiral outwards from the Master's body. This attack also leaves the Master vulnerable.

Dream Nail Dialogue
  • Dance with me!
  • So dark! Burn brighter!
  • Take it, if you're worthy!


Grimmkin Masters can be found in King's Pass, Resting Grounds and Kingdom's Edge.