Hunter's Journal

Aggressive plant-life that retracts protectively when danger is near. Spits hard spikey balls when foes are at a distance.
Its leaves are dry and bland. The bud is unpleasantly sour, but oh! The venom in those balls it spits, exquisite! If you have the time to spare, try drinking some and enjoy the effects.


Behaviour and Tactics

Shoots spiked balls in The Knight's direction.

When approached, it retracts itself, making it hard to kill. To damage it, the player must either increase their Nail's range with a charm such as Longnail, use a Nail Art such as Dash Slash, use a spell such as Vengeful Spirit, or reflect the spiky balls it spits back at it by striking them with the Nail.

Dream Nail Dialogue
  • ...




  • From the hunters journal it is hinted that the venom it spits has a narcotic effect, though this is not reflected in any way in-game.

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