Formed from the nails of fallen warriors.

Increases the force of the bearer's nail, causing enemies to recoil further when hit.

How to Acquire

Bought from Sly for Geo350 after bringing him the Shopkeeper's Key found in the Crystal Peak


High knockback is most useful for enemies who have an uninterruptible attack. Using Heavy Blow against this kind of enemy will usually push them back far enough to prevent their attack from hitting the player, allowing for more consecutive attacks, a chance for the player to escape and heal, and safer Nail attacks for enemies with high range (thus removing the need for a ranged Spell and saving SOUL).

Enemies that do not take knockback will not be affected by Heavy Blow. This includes most bosses. If the player decides to face off against a boss, they should forego this charm for a more effective one.

 Charm Interactions

Quick Slash

Quick Slash

Especially effective when combined with Quick Slash to knock back enemies with every blow.