Hunter's Journal

Animated remains of a large Hallownest Sentry. One of few in Hallownest strong enough to wield a greatnail.
Surprisingly quick-witted for a corpse. It will try to catch you if you leap over it and can chase you if you flee. Enjoyable to hunt, but beware them in packs.


Behaviour and Tactics

They have two attacks:

  • Overhead Swing: they unleash a powerful swing in an arc in front of them.
  • Charge: they charge at The Knight with their Nail held in front of them.
  • Hop: when the player attempts jumping over them, they react by hopping in the air, dealing contact damage.

The best moment to hit them is when they charge. Simply jump over them and execute a downward strike. They can also be hit just after their normal swing attack.

Dream Nail Dialogue
  • ...Outsider...
  • ...Defend...
  • ...Kill...
  • ...Protect....the city...
  • ...Not welcome...Kill...
  • ...Keep out...



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