Protects the Hive by hurling its huge body at intruders.

Like their smaller kin, their only instinct is to protect the Hive at any cost to themselves. Somewhat clumsy, they'll often damage the structure of the Hive when charging at intruders. Does this cause them shame? I do not know whether they have the capacity for such a thing.


Behaviour and Tactics

These massive creatures simply charge at The Knight, dealing 2 masks and rebounding off any terrain in their way. They can destroy cracked platforms, which can hinder the player in platforming sections. Their massive size combined with their erratic bouncing movements makes them very difficult to predict and avoid. Focus on them and destroy them as quickly as possible.

Dream Nail Dialogue
  • ...Hungry...Tired...Hungry...
  • ...Brothers...Sisters...Mother...
  • ...Hurt...Kill...Hurt...Kill...



  • With the Hiveblood equipped, they will not attack the player or deal damage on contact, however they will retaliate when attacked.
  • In order to get the Mask Shard in the Hive, it is necessary to bait a Hive Guardian into breaking a cracked wall, as the Hunter hints in his Journal entry.