Golden nugget of the Hive's precious hardened nectar.

Heals the bearer's wounds over time, allowing them to regain health without focusing SOUL.

How to Acquire

Located in The Hive, below the room where the Hive Knight is fought. Requires defeating the Hive Knight.

To access The Hive, look for a breakable wall above a spike pit to the right of the Kingdom's Edge tram station and break the wall with your Nail or a projectile. There should be small bee enemies hovering around the wall in question.


Replaces the player's HP masks with hive combs which replenishes the last mask of damage done over 10 seconds. In the case of an attack that deals two masks of damage (such as an explosion), the Charm will still only regenerate one mask. Additionally, healing masks using Focus will halt any regeneration in progress.

Hiveblood can regenerate Lifeblood health that has been obtained through Joni's Blessing, but not Lifeblood Heart or Lifeblood Core.

Also renders the Hiveling, Husk Hive, Hive Soldier, and Hive Guardian, passive and dealing no contact damage until provoked making revisiting The Hive to fight a Grimmkin Nightmare an easier task.

The best use of Hiveblood is to regenerate health in situations where SOUL is not readily available. This makes it very helpful in difficult platforming sections with few enemies, such as the Crystallised Mound in the Crystal Peak, the path to Nailmaster Sheo in Greenpath, the nail-jumping section to reach a Vessel Fragment in the Deepnest, and most prominently, the White Palace.

 Charm Interactions

Joni's Blessing

Joni's Blessing

Hiveblood can regenerate the Lifeblood health granted by Joni's Blessing. It also turns the blue Lifeblood masks into Lifeblood combs.


In combination with Grubsong it allows for regenerating SOUL infinitely albeit slowly by jumping into hazards or enemies, retreating, waiting for health to regenerate, then repeating.
Deep Focus

Deep Focus

Combined with Deep Focus and Grubsong, it greatly helps tackling difficult platforming challenges, especially the White Palace.