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Figment of an obsessed mind. Jumps about in a nonthreatening manner.

"That lowly map-maker's wife? Hah! My Queen, how could you compare yourself to her? In the face of your intoxicating beauty, all other females are merely dust!"

The Grey Prince trembled with anger and indignation... and love.

- 'The Grey Prince' Chapter 178



Behaviour and Tactics

Falls from above after being spawned by the Boss Grey Prince Zote. Hops towards the player in a very tall arc. It has very low health, but since multiple can quickly become a distraction it is recommended to kill it as fast as possible with a simple sword strike or by using a Spell such as Vengeful Spirit to strike both it and the boss simultaneously.

Dream Nail Dialogue
  • She's so beautiful!
  • She's so talented!
  • She'll never be lonely!


This enemy is spawned by Grey Prince Zote after beating him at least once. You must defeat the boss to keep it in the Hunter's Journal.

This appears in Battle 2 and onwards.

To complete the entry for the Hunter's Journal, the player needs to simply beat the Boss in Battle 2 regardless of whether this enemy appears or not.