Blast foes with screaming SOUL.
The Wraiths require SOUL to be conjured. Strike enemies to gather SOUL.


Howling Wraiths Icon

Unlease the wraiths

Press FOCUS/CAST or QUICK CAST while holding UP to release a wave of energy in an arc around and above The Knight, dealing 3 bursts that deal 10 damage each.

At 6 times the strength of an un-upgraded Nail hit, it is the most powerful base Spell in the game, dealing twice as much damage as Vengeful Spirit if all three hits connect.

The spell has a wide range allowing for some hits even when the target is at an upper corner in relation to the Knight.


  • Shaman Stone increases the damage dealt by Howling Wraiths by 50%.
  • Spell Twister lowers the SOUL cost to cast Howling Wraiths to 24% of the SOUL meter.

How to Acquire

Found in the Overgrown Mound within Fog Canyon, next to the entrance to Queen's Gardens


Overgrown Snail
  • This spell is found near the corpse of a Snail Shaman. Using the Dream Nail on this corpse will yield the lines: