The remains of a bug, animated by a strange force. It aggressively attacks any uninfected creature it finds.

A thick orange mist fills these walking corpses. It has a sweet, sickly taste to it. I find it foul. After you kill these creatures, I suggest you do not eat them.


Behaviour and Tactics

Meanders back and forth passively until The Knight comes within range. It will then hurl it's body a short distance at the player. Because of their slow attack sequence and predictable move set, they are very easily dealt with and only pose a threat to the player when found in conjunction with other enemies.

Dream Nail Dialogue
  • Get away from me!
  • Your smell...Kill you...
  • ...Where is it...?
  • That sweet smell...Burns...
  • I can't....Wake up...
  • You want....To hurt me?
  • I'm not...Dead..
  • Am I...Sleeping?
  • ...Light...The light...
  • I'll kill you!


Missing information.