Cowardly husk, its body colonised by hivelings.

Did the hivelings build their nest around this sorry bug, or did the bug squeeze its body into their nest? Either way, they seem happy enough together.


Behaviour and Tactics

When engaged, it flees from The Knight, even jumping up onto platforms if its way is blocked. If cornered, it will leap a short (but surprisingly high) distance in the Knight's direction and deal contact damage, much like a Gluttonous Husk. It occasionally spawns a single Hiveling, and will spawn three of them upon death.

Dream Nail Dialogue
  • Sweet. Sweet. Sweet!
  • ...My belly... it tickles...
  • Humming... from where..?


Missing information.


  • With the Hiveblood equipped, it will not run from the player, deal damage on contact or summon Hivelings, however they will retaliate when attacked.
  • The Hivelings spawned upon death will always be hostile to the player regardless if Hiveblood is equipped or not.