Remains of a bug drawn to the Crystal Peak for its precious crystal. Its claw-pick now doubles as a fierce weapon.

The bugs of Hallownest lusted after the strangest things in life. They would dig furtively through the dirt for stone, ore and in particular the crystals that grow at the top of the world.

Behaviour and Tactics

Found mining until disturbed. It attacks with a swing of its pickaxe or by throwing it in a parabolic arc.

The pickaxes can be reflected with the Nail and deal 5 damage; however, this is sometimes difficult to aim. The best strategy is to simply avoid the first toss and kill it before it can prepare another attack.

Upon being disturbed, an orange dot, reminiscent of those seen in the eyes of other infected husks, can be seen within their eyes, which up to that point would have appeared uninfected. This signals that it has noticed the Knight's presence.

Dream Nail Dialogue
  • ...Dig... Kill... Wealth...
  • Crystal... Light...
  • ...Mind...Bright... Must find, more light...



  • Myla, when fully infected, acts like a Husk Miner.