Animated remains of a Hallownest Sentry. Still retains some memory of its former task.

More skilled at combat than most bugs of Hallownest, they are nimble but lightly armoured. Keep the pressure on them.

Behaviour and Tactics

  • Slash: they will take a swipe at the Knight if it is in range.
  • Triple Slash: they will variate from the slash attack and take three consecutive swipes at the Knight.
  • Backstep: usually done when the Knight is above them they will take a small hop backwards.

They patrol back and forth until they spot The Knight, after which they will run up to engage them. They can attack with a single slash or sometimes a series of slashes and will occasionally jump backwards to avoid attacks. Hit them just after they finish their attack, then dash out of their range when they strike. They grunt a distinctive marching rhythm when patrolling, signalling their presence in an area.

Dream Nail Dialogue
  • ...Outsider...
  • ...Defend...
  • ...Kill...
  • ...Protect....the city...
  • ...Not welcome...Kill...
  • ...Keep out...


they are found in abundance in most of City of Tears. Fewer can also be found in Ancient Basin, Royal Waterways and Isma's Grove.


  • The Husk Sentry gains slightly more Health after the player has obtained the Sharpened Nail. This is possibly to prevent the player from gaining too large of an advantage early in the game, as keeping the original Health would have made the Husk Sentry die in two fewer hits (compared to the Old Nail) rather than one.